A website may have seemed like an optional choice for some businesses only a few years ago, but that is no longer the case in 2017. If your business does not have a website then your business is behind and most likely starting to feel the repercussions of not having an online presence.

Like any business decision, cost and effectiveness should always be top of mind when deciding on how to create a website for your company. The web design industry is similar to many others, such as the plumbing industry, in the sense that there are a handful of bad apples advertising their services. Choose the wrong company to handle your site and you may come out with a empty wallet and nothing to show for it.

When looking for the right web design company it is important to take a deeper look into the following things:


Cost is vital, and just because a colleague told you his three-page website cost $5,000, doesn’t mean you should expect to pay the exact same thing. Do your research and get quotes from multiple outlets. Don’t settle until you’re comfortable. Some web design companies may have pushy managers that are basically just salespeople in disguise.

Ability to Work Together

The ability to work well together is important. Building a new website is a major project for your business, and the designers you choose should be able to listen to your ideas as well as they communicate their ideas to you. If there is consistent miscommunication, then they are not doing their job. You should be able to understand the process, at least in simplest terms, from top to bottom.

Have A Track Record

The web design company you choose does not have to be an old, established company, but they should have at least a few of their client websites available you to peruse. Ask for a few reports that have analytical data showing that they know what they are doing in regards to traffic and other key performance indicators. Web design companies that are not afraid to show this type of information are the ones you should lean towards signing a contract with. If the designers are hesitant to show you analytics or don’t have much of a portfolio, stay away and avoid getting scammed.

A strong recommendation would be to look for a web design company who has experience working in your industry. A web design company with website expertise in your industry works wonders, as they will have more background and success in reaching and appealing to the audience you are targeting.