Mobile marketing is rapidly growing as more and more people are relying on mobile for their consumer needs. Having a website containing loads of information and a good overall UX isn’t enough anymore, as new mobile trends continue to emerge and change the game. For you to succeed in 2017, you need to be aware of some mobile marketing trends that will increase customer loyalty, engagement and sales through mobile. Here they are:

Good Mobile App

Instead of making a mobile app with an end goal of attracting a large audience, make a mobile app designed for your loyal and engaged customers. Your best customers will be the ones that find, download and use your app–as long as you provide them with a feature(s) they can’t live without. These include things like scheduling an appointment with a tap or weekly special promotions. Use the simplicity and quickness of mobile to your advantage here.

Location Based Marketing

Have you walked into a retail store and received some sort of notification on your phone regarding a promotion? Retail stores are using these tactics to compete with e-commerce. Even if you aren’t in retail, make it a priority to use geo-based targeting and mobile location data in your marketing.

Emphasize Loyalty Programs

Mobile has made loyalty programs a lot easier, as users can track points, rewards, etc. easier than ever before with their smartphone. If you are not implementing a loyalty program–or your loyalty program isn’t integrated with mobile–add that to your to-do list.

Video Content

The thirst for video content continues to grow in 2017. If you have been an active Facebook user, you can almost certainly attest to the way that video content has significantly enhanced the Facebook experience. Data shows that there are 500 million people watching videos daily. Be innovative and creative with your video content and it will go a long way towards helping your mobile marketing efforts succeed.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for the masses is here. If you haven’t done so already, you can head over to your local electronics store and test out the latest implementations of the technology. Most companies are searching for and testing ways to utilize virtual reality as a marketing tool. This is no surprise, as Forbes has predicted VR will become a $5.7 billion industry by 2021 ( The music band Gorillaz is adopted this trend and recently released a VR music video that broke YouTube records. Expect more VR to come from companies as the technology reaches more people.

Don’t stay behind on the latest mobile marketing trends. There is plenty up for grabs as the market continues to grow in 2017.