Every day, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other decentralized technologies bring experienced investors into the industry. However, attracting these investors to a company requires a very good crypto website. For a crypto website to do its job, it must have the following factors

  • strong visual communication of brand, technology, and value
  • distinct value statement appealing to investors and developers
  • human-focused interface built on research and data

These factors are hard to balance, and most crypto sites don’t succeed. Nonetheless, a few websites get it right. Check out these fifteen crypto websites for some inspiration.

1) Chainlink

Chainlink connects smart contracts to real-world data and events. It’s a remarkable technology used by AAVE, Kyber Network, and more, so it needs a well-designed website to match.

The Chainlink website maintains the tech-y tone of most crypto websites, but with a soft, light feel instead of the overplayed black-and-neon. The graphics, copy, and design all make complex tech jargon understandable for investors without sacrificing the exactitude developers need. It’s easy to navigate, with clear calls to action. Overall, the website is clean, functional, and communicative — that’s a win.

2) The Graph

The Graph makes it easier to find Ethereum apps. Developers build and post open APIs, or subgraphs, so anyone can access the apps through The Graph. Even now, Ethereum developers can’s stop raving about it, so its website needs to match the hype.

The Graph website is dark, clean, and simple. Visual communication is outstanding, with minimalist graphics, animations, and illustrations lightly peppering the page for an occasional accent. The design communicates not just what The Graph does, but why it does it. Since the audience is pretty developer-heavy, some of the copy is a bit jargon-rich. However, it’s structured to be understandable to even a lay investor with a careful readthrough, and it’s an overall usable and useful website worth a visit.


3) Polkadot

Most network protocols transfer tokens. Not Polkadot. It transfers data across blockchains, which has huge ramifications for decentralization. Such a mission-driven technology needs a killer website to accompany it.

In true Polkadot fashion, the landing page opens with vibrant force. Instead of bombarding the reader with techie details, it uses a bold statement, bright accents, and strong statements about the impact of the technology. The design is bright, but not overwhelming, and quite refreshing in a world of dark theme crypto sites. The Polkadot website is a beautiful monument to a promising technology.

4) ARK

ARK is an open-source framework for building blockchain apps. It also offers a great mobile and desktop wallet, explorer, and SDK. It’s a tool designed for usability, as reflected in the website.

While most crypto sites overuse complex animations, ARK keeps it clean and simple. The website loads fast, looks great, and communicates effectively. Such simplicity adds to the band, improves usability, and makes the technology more accessible. Aside from an above-the-fold call to action, what more does ARK need?

5) Aave

Aave (named after the Finnish word for “ghost”) is all about making decentralized finance as see-through as possible. Its liquidity protocol lets people deposit or borrow from a pool with real-time interest. But since the uniqueness of the tech can be tricky to communicate visually, the team needed a solid crypto website.

Aave accomplished this visual communication challenge simply, yet effectively: with a live counter. It then lists several assets with statistics and two large “deposit” and “borrow” buttons next to each one. It’s a clean app UI and effective marketing website tied neatly into one simple, elegant package with immediate social proof. Plus, it’s extremely useful. What’s not to love?

6) Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual shares risk across its network of users to decentralize insurance. It’s a simple concept with impressive technology and wonderful research. Does the website back it up?

Though awfully plain at first, the Nexus Mutual website accomplishes a lot with very little. Crypto is hard to understand, especially for those not involved in tech. Thus, crypto-driven decentralized insurance is mind-boggling. However, Nexus Mutual communicates how it works and why its community has value beautifully through strong UX and well-crafted copy.

7) Hegic

Hegic is a decentralized options trading platform built for simplicity. Just connect a wallet and start speculating and hedging positions.

Though the website leans into the uber-techy aesthetic of most crypto websites, it does so with purpose and brand conviction. The visual language is maintained throughout the website with clear statements of benefits, seamless navigation, and useful functionality. Simply put, Hegic has an effective website.

8) Akropolis

Akropolis makes decentralized products, including AkropolisOS (a framework for for-profit DAOs), Sparta (undercollateralized loans), and more open-source projects. All this technology needs to fit under one website — that’s not easy to do.

Akropolis overcomes this challenge with a dense, yet well-organized landing page. Each call to action is labeled for a different audience to streamline the user journey. The Akropolis features and benefits are well-communicated in the art and copy, and the overall design is both clean and effective. It even has a neat dark/light mode slider.

9) Cardano

Cardano is more than just another blockchain platform. It’s built on the fancy-sounding Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus protocol, which means it’s entirely research-driven and super high-performance. Such amazing technology has global applications, and their website makes sure you know it.

While most website animations are clunky, distracting, and laggy, Cardano’s network globe is near-instantaneous, interactive, and incredibly visually-communicative. It instantly communicates the scope of this technology. The design is sleek throughout, supported by mission-driven copy and truly outstanding technology. This website doesn’t submit to the crypto norms; it defines them.

10) 0x

0x is an open protocol for sending assets back and forth on the blockchain. It offers simple trading through Matcha, permissionless access to token markets through 0x Mesh, and single-point integration through the 0x API. With so many open protocols out there, 0x needs an extra special website to stand out.

Of course, the 0x website does not disappoint. Its dark theme is lightly accented with cool greens and subtle, yet effective micro animations. The entire website has a twisty mechanical feel, much like a camera’s aperture. The clear copy, consistent visual language, and brilliant video-based marketing make the ox website a brilliant model for any crypto website.


11) icon

icon is a decentralized network focused on building a “blockchain multiverse.” It’s a bold mission. Does the website hold up?

The icon website illustrates this mission brilliantly with a flashy, yet functional and fast-loading video of a network solar system. It instantly communicates the mission and technology while establishing a brand and visual language. The website isn’t perfect — it does need a call to action and some better copy — but the visuals, translation function, and chrome extension are all wonderful features.

12) Stellar

Stelar is similar to cryptocurrencies in that it decentralizes transactions. It differs, however, in that it encourages transactions in any digital currency.

The Stellar website illustrates these connections creatively with constellations for multiple currencies. It illustrates not only the functionality but also the branding. The call to action next to the navigation gives it good UX without detracting from the fun parallax effects. It’s a creative website that accomplishes a lot in mere seconds.

13) bitcoin

Everyone knows bitcoin. It’s easily the most well-known cryptocurrency around, and the website shows.

Bitcoin’s website is minimalistic, video-driven, and well-balanced for the lay bitcoin fan, the techie, and the seasoned investor. Its visuals are a bit generic, but not bad. They support the branding and easily funnel into important pages. It’s a simple website, but it works because of the brand.

14) XRP

XRP is the native asset of the XRP ledger, which settles transactions in a lightning-fast 3-5 seconds. The website must highlight the speed and efficiency.

The XRP website accomplishes everything it needs to and more. The parallax effect is clean and looks great. Copy is on-point, full of calls to action, and accompanied by great graphics. The XRP website looks great and sells. It should be a model for other crypto websites.

15) CoinMetro

CoinMetro is less about the technology itself and more about its exchange. It makes it easy to trade cryptocurrency, and its website looks great.

From an interface standpoint, CoinMetro looks wonderful. The navigation is solid and the landing page communicates the mission with stunning illustrations. While the actual trading interface isn’t perfect, the landing page markets beauti

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