Shopify has made starting an online business easier than ever before, but it doesn’t have all the features a florist needs out of the box. Florists face many unique challenges. Products need special shipping, calendars need special features, and customers need special care. But a florist Shopify store also presents many amazing opportunities. Products are very visual, personalization is pretty pertinent, and in-cart upgrades are extra effective. The best Shopify apps for florists need to solve shipping challenges and seize sales opportunities. With the right designer and developer, these 13 Shopify florist apps can help any Shopify florist website bloom.

Top Shopify Apps for Florists (Preview)

These items are not ranked in order of importance — local delivery is likely the single most important Shopify app for florists.

Shopify apps for florist websites

  1. Shoppable Instagram Gallery – Instagram feed and checkout
  2. Etsy Marketplace Integration – Sync with Etsy store
  3. – review collection
  4. Plug in SEO – SEO audits

Shopify apps for florist checkout

  1. Product personalizer – custom purchases
  2. Wrapin – gift options
  3. Honeycomb upsell funnels – upgrade purchase at checkout
  4. NoFraud – fraud protection
  5. Bold Subscriptions – subscriptions

Shopify apps for florist order fulfillment

  1. Servicify – appointment scheduling and calendar control
  2. Invoice Falcon – invoicing
  3. Local Delivery – local delivery options
  4. Bespoke Shipping – custom shipping rates

1) Shoppable Instagram Gallery

Shoppable Instagram Gallery adds an instagram feed that customers can use to buy products. When a customer sees a floral arrangement they like, they can add it to their cart in a single click. This app is a must for any florists with a strong social media presence.

2) Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy Marketplace Integration syncs Etsy with Shopify. Gone are the days of two separate inventories (or even worse, a single inventory that risks double-purchasing). This app is perfect for Shopify florists with an Etsy store.

3) collects reviews, sorts them, and features them on the Shopify website. When customers see reviews, they are more likely to buy (read more about the phenomenon in Fyresite’s article on social proof). This app is perfect for florists who need more reviews or have too many to sort through.

4) Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO gives tips for making the Shopify florist store rank higher on Google and other search engines. The premium version even makes adjustments automatically.Ā Plug in SEO is the perfect Shopify app for florists who want to rank higher on Google.

5) Product Personalizer

Product Personalizer lets customers make the product their own. Merchants choose from a variety of customization options, such as names, colors, and more.Ā Product Personalizer is a wonderful Shopify app for florists with lots of personalization options or who want to label products sith custom messages.

6) Wrapin

Wrapin adds a button for gift wrap to the product page and cart. Customers can include gift wrap, personalized messages, and more. Florists who sell a lot of gift arrangements need Wrapin.

7) Honeycomb Upsell Funnels

Honeycomb Upsell Funnels suggests other products or upgrades at any point during the checkout process. It supports “Customers also bought . . . ” funnels, “Frequently bought with” popups, “Upgrade your purchase” messages, and more.Ā Honeycomb is an amazing Shopify app for florists that want a little extra revenue with each purchase.

8) NoFraud

NoFraud protects sellers from fraud. While Shopify already offers fraud protection,Ā NoFraud adds extra fraud protection features to keep sellers informed. Most florists don’t think about fraud very often, but after huge florist hackings and a big risk of fraudulent venue transactions, fraud prevention should be at the forefront of every Shopify florist’s mind.

9) Bold Subscriptions

Bold SubscriptionsĀ gives customers the option to subscribe to regular shipments. It’s easy to set up and use and may generate more regular revenue for florists. Any florist exploring regular flower subscriptions should useĀ Bold Subscriptions.

10) Servicify

Servicify helps merchants set up and sell appointments with clients. Setup is fast and easy. While not every florist needsĀ Servicify, it is a wonderful Shopify app for florists working in highly-involved venues, such as weddings or funerals.

11) Invoice Falcon

Invoice Falcon adds invoices to a Shopify store. Merchants can design a professional invoice, print it, and send it to clients. This Shopify app works wonderfully for florists billing for venues, weddings, funerals, and other large orders.

12) Local Delivery

Local Delivery is the one-stop shop for . . . well, local delivery. It works much better than Shopify’s own local delivery app and gives merchants much more flexibility for scheduling times. All florists needĀ Local Delivery.

13) Bespoke Shipping

Bespoke Shipping gives merchants immense control over shipping. Florists can set up riles for shipping rates and more. It is an amazing tool full of wonderful features worth exploring. Every florist needsĀ Bespoke Shipping.

A florist website has a very special set of needs that Shopify does not support out of the box. Installing just a few of these apps will significantly improve any florist’s experience and cause their Shopify website to bloom.

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