Clean energy is energy derived from natural resources. So instead of using fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, communities would be getting energy from wind farms, hydroelectric power plants, solar panels, and more. One of its number of benefits is that it is better for the public’s health.

Networking is especially important so that the knowledge can spread and grow into other communities as well.

This is why we took a look at five different clean energy networking websites and ranked them based on:

A Clear Call-to-Action

  • Is the purpose of the person’s visit clear?
  • Is the CTA present within every page?

SEO Ranking

  • Was it top ranking within the first google search?
  • What keywords are made a focus, if any?

Clear Navigation

  • How easy is it to find information within the website?
  • Are all links and documents available and updated?

Quality of Education Available

  • How well does the network explain what they do?
  • What resources are available to viewers?


Number One: Clean Energy Social 

Clean Energy Social is a database of jobs, companies and field experts looking to explore opportunities and meet other professionals.

Right away, there are multiple ways that a CTA was used:

At the very top of the page, Clean Energy Social asks for your email address so that they can send you job opportunities and sign up for their network. A+ for the call-to-action being the very first thing on the page.

As their biggest feature, Clean Energy Social guides you to the three things you would most likely be visiting their website for. By having clear and concise ways to navigate, their CTA is perfectly stated.

If anyone has any questions about what to do on their website, there are professionals that can guide you through. Nothing is more frustrating than having questions that nobody can answer… This is a nice touch in ensuring that visitors will stay loyal to Clean Energy Social’s website.

Clean Energy Social also has a “News” tab that is filled with rich information relevant to their network.

Here, any visitor is able to find a number of schooling or certification opportunities, career guides, relevant news, and other pertinent material.

Why is Clean Energy Social number one?

Clean Energy Social has a website that is easy to navigate and clear on their goals. Keeping in mind all the information they have available, along with the strong network it works to build, their website ranks number one in clean energy networking.

Number Two: Clean Energy Business Network

Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN) has the highest ranking SEO of all the Clean Energy networks. Because of their use of the keywords “Clean Energy” and “Network”, even down to their business name, CEBN is cleverly able to stay at the top of the ranks.

The network also has a lot of relevant resources available to anyone who visits their website.

Having the information cleanly available, alongside a clear way to navigate through it creates such a beautiful way to share industry knowledge.

CEBN also has information pages that are exclusive to members, creating a greater need to join their organization.

By showing everyone the kind of information you can access while withholding it until they become a member, CEBN creates a provocative way for the viewer to consider their organization.

Why is Clean Energy Business Network ranked number two?

CEBN has a wonderful website, chock-full of clean energy related news and information. While also showing information on how it can benefit any individual, the website makes it clear that they’re focused on growing their network.

Number Three: Ren21

REN21 is a network dedicated to spreading the word about clean energy and making sure they are heard through governments and widespread academic institutions.

From the homepage, there is already such amazing information that guides their call-to-action.

When you scroll down REN21’s homepage, there is information on what REN21 is about, what their focuses are, news relevant to the community, updated relevant industry data, and newsletters.

This is everything you could ever need as a visitor, summed up on one page in a clear and simple way.

Because of all this, Ren21 ranks number three in our website ranking. They could work on their SEO rankings but they do a great job with their website.

Number Four: C40 Cities

C40 is a website that connects multiple networks and communities together through shared initiatives.

The navigation through sponsored networks is easy and pleasant.

The current programs by area are also a great way to connect viewers to possible opportunities.

All this information is great, however, there are parts of the website that are empty or information is not current.

I looked at Phoenix in their database and no information was available. If a city is listed and someone clicks to see more information where there is none, the viewer is going to be disappointed and not have as much trust with the website.

Because of all this, C40 Cities is rated number four in the list.

Number Five: Global Energy Network Institute

This is a prime example of a website with a ton of potential, but is lost because of lack of maintenance.

The value of maintenance is incredible! This network already has a ton of relevant information, as well as great ways they achieve a CTA.

Even though the site was updated in 2016 (even still, this is too long), the What’s New tab was last updated in 2013.

If Global Energy Network Institute were to rejuvenate their website with up-to-date UX/UI and update their information, they could make a strong networking website. But because nothing has been updated since at least 2016, this website makes the bottom of the list.

What does it take to make this list?

In order to make the best clean energy networking website, you have to make sure everything is how you would want it to be as a customer.

Is it clear what the purpose of your network is? Make sure the purpose of every visitor is clear. You can do this with having clear call-to-action elements.

Also, make sure all your information and resources are up-to-date. Everybody wants to be kept in the loop, so make sure stragglers aren’t struggling to know what is going on.

If you want help designing a website dedicated to clean energy or networking, let us know and we can make it a reality.

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