Plastic surgeon websites require a special type of care and expertise that other top healthcare websites don’t. Each patient’s face, body, and identity is on the line. If the website doesn’t look stunning, more than 57% of patients won’t trust or recommend even the most skilled surgeon. Thus, an ugly website is the death knell of any referral-driven business like plastic surgery.

To keep those referrals rolling, plastic surgery websites must be gorgeous, soothing, and sexy (find out what else a surgery website needs with The Fyresite Guide for Creating a Surgeon Website). For inspiration, check out these nine amazing plastic surgery websites that look as great and natural as the surgeries themselves.

1) Barrett Plastic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Barrett is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. His special scar and closure techniques yield natural results for aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. Such an amazing technique needs to be communicated visually in an instant to keep customers coming.

Everything about this plastic surgery website is perfect. The colors are warm and soothing, the shapes are curvy and smooth, and the calls to action convert into real leads. Most importantly, the photos accomplish a lot. Dr. Barret’s own photo establishes immediate trust without distracting from the rest of the website, and the large woman photo proves his talent. Every plastic surgeon should take notes from this website.

2) Dr. Ushakov

Dr. Ushakov Nikolay Gennadievich is a plastic surgeon practicing in Samaria, Russia. He and his staff use modern aesthetic techniques and prioritize a high quality of service. Their care is great, but their efforts to stand out on the web are even more stunning.

Dr. Ushakov’s website is by far one of the most creative plastic surgery websites online. It uses greek statues throughout the website to create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty. As needed, the website also includes example surgeries. A translation feature would be nice, especially since some of his certificates are in English and Canadian French, but otherwise, the website is unique and well-designed.

3) Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a board-certified plastic surgeon, assistant professor, non-profit founder, and social media influencer based in Beverly Hills. She makes an art of her award-winning surgery and treats patients with warmth and friendliness. With so many qualifications and a strong social media presence, an amazing website is non-negotiable.

While most of the design is pretty standard, this website stands out because of the brilliant use of video. The landing page opens with a well-choreographed video that establishes Dr. Nazarian’s skill and personal brand. This video loads after the rest of the website, which keeps page load time nice and fast. But this video isn’t all; virtual tours and social content throughout the website ensure that patients and subscribers alike really get to know the doctor before surgery.

4) Natural Results Plastic Surgery

Dr. Carlos Mata, also known as Dr. Scottsdale, is an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has performed over 10,000 cosmetic procedures and has a strong eye for elegance, as displayed on his website.

The entire website prioritizes elegance. Dark colors, formal imagery, and stunning surgery results make the website look very put-together. Most notably, the landing page opens not with a static image, but with a video of a woman showing off her body. This movement looks natural and sells much more effectively than a static image alone. It’s perfect for Dr. Scottsdale and his brand.

5) Marina Plastic Surgery

Marina Plastic Surgery is a Los Angeles-based practice run by Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Daniel Gould. These experienced plastic surgeons have been featured in many high-profile media outlets, making web presence a top priority.

Instead of asking people to book an appointment right away, Marina Plastic Surgery uses a “view gallery” button as a call to action. This is a smart strategy: no one will pay for plastic surgery without checking out the results first. This strategy pairs perfectly with the landing page video and classic web design. It is a clean and effective website that makes great use of video, imagery, and web strategy.

6) The Oaks Plastic Surgery

The Oaks Plastic Surgery is a surgical practice in Houston, Texas. The wife-and-husband co-founders, Dr. Danielle Andry and Dr. Nandi Wijay, focus on helping patients feel like the best versions of themselves with quality care. Such great service requires an even better website to keep patients coming and satisfied.

This website is clean, simple, and elegant. It’s optimized for seach engines, it uses lots of black-and-white images and gifs of surgery results, and it uses smiling photos of the surgeons and their services to establish trust. There isn’t a square inch of The Oaks website that isn’t being used strategically.

7) Rapaport Plastic Surgery

Dr. David Rapaport is a New York-based plastic surgeon focusing on premium cosmetics. He has many certifications, an amazing staff, and a drive to perfect the craft of plastic surgery. In such a high-profile and competitive city as New York, the team needs an especially wonderful website to showcase their work.

This website stands out for how well it embraces regional culture. New York is a very visually-distinct city. Strategies that work in Los Angeles or Houston won’t work as well in New York. Rapaport, however, embraces that New York culture in the featured image, social proof, and overall plastic surgery website design.

8) Eppley Plastic Surgery

Dr. Barry Eppley is a highly qualified double-board certified plastic surgeon working around the globe. He is considered the foremost expert in custom face and body implants, so such a surgical expert needs a brilliant website to feature his work.

This website looks a little different from the others on this list because its primary purpose is to market the doctor. Dr. Eppley has a strong brand and lots of credibility, so establishing this credibility upfront is more effective and puts patients at greater ease. The logos, ratings, awards, and smiling face photo all establish trust in an instant.

9) DFW Plastic Surgery

Dr. Yadro Ducic is a texas-based surgeon dual board-certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. He and his team offer a full range of premium surgeries, so the website must look just as good.

The DFW website is a perfect model of the basics of a plastic surgery website. It opens with a face, a call to action, and a logo. Beneath the fold are some services and infomation about the docto. The navigation is solid and so is the design. Of course, the website is not perfect. Images could be higher resolution, the header could do with lower contrast, and the copy could be clipped down a bit. However, it’s a great starting place for plastic surgeons looking to redo their plastic surgery website.

Is your plastic surgery as pretty and cutting-edge as your surgery? If not, it’s time to give your website a facelift, too. Reach out to a professional plastic surgery website designer today.

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