Automotive stores face a lot of challenges. How can they keep page speed up with such large inventory? How can they best display all their products? What’s the best platform to do so? How can they make an easy form to allow customers to find what they need? We say Shopify. Here’s Fyresite’s top choices for automotive stores that leverage Shopify the best.

Chassis Unlimited

Chassis Unlimited is a Shopify Plus merchant that made the big switch from Magento to Shopify. Partnering with Fyresite allowed them to increase revenue by 70% and load time by 150%. Selling truck bumpers, bed racks, and other accessories, this streamlined design makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they need. In what may be our favorite design on this list, (a completely unbiased opinion), Chassis Unlimited draws customers in and makes it easy to find the parts they need.

Does Chassis Unlimited sound familiar? Those who have read our blogs before may recognize the name from our metafields blog or Magento migration blog.

Want to know how Fyresite helped Chassis Unlimited reach their full potential with Shopify Plus? Read all about it here.


Another Shopify Plus merchant, Throtl is a one stop shop for auto parts. With their sister site Hoonigan, these merchants take care of all automotive needs, including car parts, and accessories, for drivers and their car.

Using Shopify allows them to offer all their products without throtl-ling their speed. In fact, looking through GTMetrix, their largest content element loads in 596 milliseconds, much faster than the recommended 1.2 seconds.

Speed Engineering

Feeling the need for speed? Speed Engineering sells everything car lovers could ever need for their car. Merchants concerned that they can’t sell on Shopify with large inventories need not worry, as Speed Engineering proves that that is no concern.

On their Shopify site, they keep all their inventory options in the header. For a customer to find what they need, simply hover the mouse over the proper option in the header. They have GM Late Model vehicles, LS & LT Swaps, Ford Vehicles, Turbo Kits & Parts, and their Clearance section. As shown in the image below, customers can see the car options, hover over the correct car, and then see the categories of things available for purchase. This saves customers from having to comb through pages of products to find the one that they need.


As the name may imply, Tacomabeast has a favorite car. However, they sell more than just Tacoma gear. They also sell safety equipment, like hand held radios and recovery. They even do the occasional giveaway! Giveaways are great because they encourage customers to interact with sites and become excited about the products that merchants are selling. Merchants can also use this as a way to encourage customers to follow them on social media and join email lists.

What we love most about this site? The logo. A strong logo can never be underrated, as it’s a merchant’s calling card. As those who have read our good versus bad content blog, a strong logo is very important. Shopify makes it easy to leverage a great logo, merchants can showcase it on the site header, account pages, confirmation emails, and throughout the content as needed.


Lights on! This Shopify merchant shows the bright future for automotive sites. Offering a wide range of lighting options, including headlights and light beams, AuxBeam makes it easy to find exactly what light will work with any specific car.

This takes all the guesswork out of shopping and guarantees customers will only buy what they need. Simply enter the car’s year, make, model, and position of the light that is needed. Each field relies on the previous one, meaning that customers can’t enter their make before their year. This allows the site to narrow down what options are available.


Automotive is about so much more than just cars now. Cobra has found that gap in the market and taken full advantage. What’s the gap? Protective accessories. Spending so much time in our cars, especially for those who drive professionally, means that protection is important at all costs. Need a dash cam? Or a radar detector? Maybe a CB radio. Cobra’s got it all, including apps that work with their products.

Having an IoT, or Internet of Things, makes Cobra a one stop shop for their customers. An IoT means that there is an interconnected internet connected system that collects data. This means that Cobra is selling a product, in this case their dash cams, and a service, their app that allows customers to view their videos and set up safety and security features. This allows Cobra to retain customers, as they’ll know that this app will integrate with the product they just bought.

And they sell it all using Shopify.

Want Shopify?

As Arizona’s first Shopify Plus partner, we know how to make sites that work. If you want to follow the lead of these automotive stores, contact us to make the site of your dreams.