Shopify is a diverse eCommerce platform, with shops selling all kinds of different merchandise. Spending so much of our time online and online shopping, we never really think about what eCommerce platform the stores we shop at use. So today, Fyresite has listed the top 8 shops that you didn’t know are on Shopify.


Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, oh my! Hempz says the secret is in the seed – and their Shopify site.

What we love most about this site is that they know who they are and what they’re selling. You can see this on their about us page, but also throughout their site.

Pacifica Beauty

This vegan beauty company has a large inventory that they trust Shopify to take care of. Selling everything from skincare to makeup to haircare, Pacifica has a focused brand that uses Shopify to sell.

What we love about this site is their watch and shop option. You have the ability to click on a video where you can see someone demonstrating beauty techniques and shop the products they use in the video! It shows their customers the direct results of their products and encourages them to buy their products for the same results.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s makeup shines bright like a diamond with this Shopify site. The 2.8 billion dollar makeup company trusts Shopify to handle their high-volume sales.

What we love most about this site is how they manage their large inventory. Best known for their diverse makeup that allows people with all skin tones to find their match, Fenty sells lots of different products. This means that it needs to be well organized so customers don’t get lost looking for what they want to buy. Fenty separates their products by type using drop down fields, allowing customers to quickly find what they need.


A Simmons mattress might be the key to good sleep, but Shopify is the key to a good site. At least, that’s what we think looking at their Shopify site.

What we love about this site is their work with influencers. Influencers help brands of all different kinds reach their target audience to sell more. When looking for products to buy, people often look for familiarity. When they see an influencer that they know working with a brand, it encourages them to buy from that brand. Simmons has collaborated with Charli and Dixie D’Amelio to encourage sales.

Lion Brand

Calling all crafters! If you have ever gone into a craft store, chances are you’ve seen Lion Brand Yarn. If you ever search online to try to buy some, you’ll see an eCommerce site that runs on Shopify.

What we love about Lion Brand’s site is how it caters to their community. As you can see in the image below, their site is also a hub for multiple community forums. This includes their blog, a gallery of projects that showcase community crafters, and their anti-bullying campaign Hat Not Hate.

Our Place

Known for their Always Pan, being on Shopify means they’ll always have a great site.

What we love most about this site is how the simple design allows them to highlight their products. Even when looking at individual items to purchase, such as the Always Pan, they keep their simple, earthy color scheme to allow the pan to be the main focus.


Did you know that everyone’s favorite 99c tea sells online too? And they use Shopify to do so.

What we love most about this site (besides the name) is how they partner with big brands, like Marvel. Just like Simmons and their influencer partnership, AriZona has partnered with a well known conglomerate to sell their products. Customers love to see a brand partnership, and Marvel is very well-known.

Kylie Cosmetics

Read our lips: Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic company is here to stay, and they’re staying on Shopify.

What we love most about this site is how they have leveraged their branding throughout their site. As every merchant knows, selling your product is important, but secondary to selling your brand. As you can see in the image below, Kylie Cosmetics uses the melting effect on their products as branding. That way, even without the Kylie Jenner name, you’d know what brand it is.

Want Shopify?

As you can see, Shopify can handle many different types of stores. If you want to make your mark using Shopify, contact us using this affiliate link.