Quality CBD websites are hard to come by. Most platforms don’t offer all the support needed in the CBD industry, leaving companies without many options. However, some WooCommerce CBD websites rise well above the rest. Here are the top eight WooCommerce CBD websites to give you some inspiration.

1) Rubi CBD

CBD is known for its relaxing properties, and Rubi CBD looks like a spa. The neutral color palette, the gorgeous product shots, and the stylized original illustrations in the background all work together to make the website as soothing as the product. Plus, that buy now button is bound to get lots of clicks and, thus, lots of sales. Rubi CBD is the gold standard of WooCommerce CBD websites.

2) Happy Hemp

Happy Hemp mostly sells CBD gummies, so the website’s bright colors and fun design feel right at home.  They also put a call to action right at the top of the page, followed by some social proof. The design is on-brand, the strategy is killer, and everything about this website is on-point. Besides, who can say no to a fun holiday theme? Happy Hemp truly is the model WooCommerce CBD gummy website.

3) Cheddar’s Pets

CBD for . . . pets?

Cheddar’s Pets hits the tennis ball right out of the dog park with this adorable WooCommerce CBD pet treat website. The branding is superb. Plus, there’s an on-point call to action, a strategic chat bubble, and social proof that dispels any fears of unsafe treats. Oh, and cute dogs. Cute dogs always make a website better.

4) Pure Nectar

Purity is really hard to show visually, but Pure Nectar’s premium WooCommerce CBD website instantly screams “quality.” The black and gold color scheme feels luxurious, and that clear, dripping liquid underneath the sale strip just feels pure. They have product shots, multiple calls to action, and coupon incentives. It’s pretty, luxurious, and effective.

5) PureKana

Pure Kana also aims for the luxurious angle, but with a slightly different approach. The blue accents, white caps, and misty background give the website a cool, refreshing feel. They lose the product categories that make Pure Nektar so great but make up for it with stellar copy and strong social proof. It’s a different approach to a premium CBD WooCommerce website, but it works just as well.

7) Best Bud

Going for a more rustic look? Best Bud’s awesome website showcases their sustainable side. The website’s warm neutrals set the tone, while the inviting imagery and compelling copy do the legwork. The design is superb. A call to action above the fold is all it needs to rise up the ranks. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful CBD WooCommerce website with a very clear visual language.

6) Abeytú Naturals

Ever thought of saving lives and the planet with natural CBD? Abeytú has. In case you can’t tell from the landscape shots and neutral greens, Abeytú Naturals uses organic ingredients and donates a portion of their profits to fight child trafficking. It’s a company and a website with a soul. Though it could use a higher-resolution hero image and a ú instead of a u followed by an apostrophe, the branding is great, the message is clear, and the call to action is visible. Natural CBD WooCommerce websites should take a page from their book.

8) Apothecanna

The Apothecanna website looks and feels like any ol’ classic Woocommerce website, but it’s got a little extra strategy up its sleeve. Right off the bat, the website features sliding images to feature different products and sales. Immediately below are best sellers and categories. It’s a simple site that gets the job done fast. Plus, the product quiz is a brilliant way to collect emails. The hero showcase could be resized a bit, though, since users have to scroll to reach a call to action, and it looks a little small on mobile. Otherwise, Apothecanna is a great role model for other CBD WooCommerce websites.

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