Shopify Plus is already the premiere platform for major enterprises, but some extra features can amplify the experience. That’s why Shopify hand-picks apps for Shopify Plus customers. Each one can refine the store into something greater and more powerful, but there are so may options that picking the right ones can be tough. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the top ten Shopify Plus apps for major enterprises.

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1) Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is definitely one of the best Shopify Plus apps available. It’s basically a code-free automation powerhouse. Just drag and drop triggers (the piece that sets off the chain of events) conditions (the piece that evaluates whether or not the action should happen) and actions (the thing that happens as a result) and connect them together in flowcharts. It’s super easy and limitlessly powerful.

The best part about Shopify Flow is that you can automate any workflow. As long as you have access to the data point (Shopify Flow has access to almost anything you want) you can build it. Best of all, it’s entirely exclusive to Shopify Plus. Just install Shopify Flow and give it a spin.

2) Launchpad

Launchpad is another awesome automation tool. It’s most useful for launching events, like automated sales.

Launchpad is especially powerful when combined with Shopify Flow. Let Flow automate workflows while Launchpad automates events. Together, all the monotonous, time-consuming busy work gets taken care of so you can focus on what matters.

3) Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the king of data-driven marketing, It uses data, analytics, and more to help you custom-fit emails, ads, and other marketing content to fit your customers’ exact needs.

Klaviyo stands out from other similar apps because it’s great at hyper-targeting. Instead of sending individual emails and texts (or even worse, the same text to everyone), just write a blanket message and customize it for each group of customers. The result is ROI galore.

4) is an awesome review platform that integrates reviews right into your website. It automatically collects reviews from customers using incentives and brilliant psychological strategy. That way, you can add lots of genuine reviews to every corner of your site and drive sales through the roof.

We like because it makes it super easy for customers to leave reviews. Getting real reviews is often a hassle, but in-email review submission makes it completely effortless. Just install the app and boost sales.

5) NoFraud

Shopify Plus comes with fraud protection, but an extra free plugin can’t do any harm. That’s what NoFraud is for: automated fraud protection.

Instead of relying on stagnant filters, let the machine learning triggers keep your website safe from chargebacks.

NoFraud is completely effortless. The app combines AI and professional analysts to keep fraud and chargebacks away — you’ll even get paid back if they mess up. It’s a foolproof solution worthwhile for any store.

6) Disco

Wish you had a team of merchants to grow with? That’s what Disco is for. Disco is an awesome network designed for merchants to partner and grow together. Features include cross-selling, up-selling, network rewards, audience sharing, and more.

We especially like the audience sharing aspect — Disco helps businesses with overlapping audiences promote one another. That way, audiences find brands they love and both companies grow. It’s a win-win for everyone.

7) Quickbooks

Quickbooks makes money easy for multi-channel eCommerce businesses. Essentially, it puts all your orders into a single dashboard to make management easier than ever. Plus, it links to Quickbooks Online.

This app integrates perfectly with Shopify — both platforms are designed to maximize growth in a single place — quickbooks just adds to the Shopify tools and makes the app more powerful. Finances are easier than ever.

8) Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange has a lot of SEO features, but our favorite is the hotjar-like heat map.

Our designers love heat maps, since they reveal where the user’s curser goes. That way, our team can optimize the site to make as much money as possible.

9) rewind backups

Backups are rarely at the forefront of merchants’ minds, but they’re incredibly important. That’s where Rewind Backups enters the scene — businesses can back up their entire website effortlessly.

Disaster could strike at any moment, but Rewind Backups keeps the content secure no matter what.

10) Offset

Offset pays off carbon emissions. It’s not a perfect fit for everyone, but if your brand cares about the environment, the app is a brilliant addition.

All you have to do is enter shipping information and Offset calculates the cost. Then, your business can offset those costs by donating that money to a number of charities.

BONUS: Facebook and Google channels

Facebook and Google channels let you sell directly on Facebook and Google.

Facebook Channel is especially useful — after installing the app, you can sell products on any Facebook product, including Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Google is an even better option if you use Google ads. The app integrates directly into the interface to make management easy.

Both apps are really useful because they effortlessly expand your reach. You still manage everything from Shopify; you just also get to list your products on other platforms.

Shopify Plus Certified App Program

Want other options? Check out the Shopify Plus Certified App Program. The Shopify team hand-picks the best apps for Shopify Plus businesses, so you’re guaranteed quality every time.

To get started with any of these apps, go to the Shopify App store and install them from the page. If you don’t have Shopify yet, start with Fyresite’s affiliate link for a free trial.