A lot of businesses can be clueless with it comes to marketing on Facebook. From writing a good business description to having an appealing profile picture, Facebook marketing can come across as overwhelming at the start. Although there is no truly correct manner to market on Facebook, here are some tips that will help you succeed in using Facebook for online marketing.


Like any website, Facebook has its own SEO formula. To better optimize your Facebook page, you will need to have a descriptive username — also known as a URL — that can be changed to anything that is available after receiving 25 likes. Make sure to garner these likes and then edit your URL to something related to the subject of your business. Use keywords related to your business in your About section and do not forget to choose the appropriate category for your company.

Have A Clear and Concise Goal

Marketing on Facebook is easier when you have attainable goals for your business. Whether it is increasing the amount of followers you have by 100 or increasing sales from Facebook by five percent over three months, a goal and a plan that outlines strategies to achieve it will make your overall marketing on Facebook more organized and effective.

Be Active

The toughest part about marketing on Facebook is curating good content to post regularly. In the beginning stages it might be tough to find what works, but with a bit of consistency, effort, and creativity, posting regularly will become an easier process and will translate to better results. See what gets the most likes and attention after a few posts and use that as a benchmark.

Don’t Sell

Rather than try to sell a product or service, focus on engaging social users with things like photos, videos, and informative content. In other words, try to make things fun instead of being a salesperson.

Use Quality Images

Don’t be the business with low quality pics. Take the time and effort to take and find good pictures. Professionally done photos are the best, but require a bigger budget. Make sure to resize them according to Facebook dimensions so they fit the space accurately.