Online marketing can be done across many channels, giving markets a wealth of options to advertise their product, service or business. Due to the sheer amount of options one has when online marketing, it can be understandably difficult to decide where to put the effort in. There are a few brilliant ways to stand out from the competition with online marketing. Here are five online marketing tricks to spice up your strategy.


This is an online question community where you can post or look for relevant question and get intelligent, well-formulated answers from experts in the field or subject. Represent your company by posting smart answers to questions in your realm of expertise. This can help with many online marketing areas, including exposure, branding and credibility.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the use of a popular person to promote your company, usually via social media content marketing, An influencer can be an artist with a big Instagram following or a famous athlete or celebrity with lots of fans on Facebook. Hiring an influencer, or at least giving them something for free in exchange for their online word-of-mouth advertising can be quite effective.

Google Alerts

Setting some Google Alerts is a great trick to get the most out of your online marketing. Setting alerts is an effective way of monitoring the following:

  • Your brand (find out what people are saying about you)
  • Your competitors (be in the loop and know what they are doing)
  • Questions related to your industry (so you can publish answers)
  • Local content (see where your brand is being talked about)

Staying on top of all this is easier than it seems thanks to Google Alerts. You might be surprised how much this will help your business. It’s wise to be fully aware of and visible in your industry.

Use Content Aggregators

Content aggregators are websites that republish your content and link back to your website. These represent an effective way of increasing traffic and exposure. Some popular content aggregators are Imgur, Reddit, and

Help Businesses With Broken Links

Scan websites related to your industry for broken links using a variety of online tools. When you find broken links to websites that are no longer active or relevant, reach out to the company that is linking to them and mention your relevant product or service. You are helping them fix a problem while while subtly offering a solution due to your product related to their industry. This can be the catalyst for a new business relationship.