Anyone new to online marketing will probably find that the amount of tools available can be overwhelming and confusing. It is tough to stay on top of it all, between new trends and the effectiveness of tools changing every day. Whether you are new to the online marketing scene or haven’t stayed up-to-date with trends, these are the top online marketing tools that you should consider for your website’s strategy in 2017.


This is an essential collaboration tool used for primarily for tasks involving blog posts, press releases, and strategies. Trello allows a whole team to stay connected and be able to make recommendations and changes on a file before publishing.


Without CRM (customer relationship management) software, your business is most likely doing tasks that could be easily automated. Not having to worry about basic CRM tasks could help your online marketing efforts tremendously. Hubspot is a perfect all-in-one marketing software solution, as it includes features like marketing automation, lead management, SEO, analytics, and emailing.


This is the ideal email marketing tool for new businesses. It features an easy-to-use dashboard for creating email templates, uploading email lists, sending email campaigns and analyzing email campaign data.


Hootsuite is a life-saver when it comes to running social media campaigns. You can handle more than 30 social media platforms from Hootsuite. You can also schedule posts in advance, message/answer followers and pre-write responses.

Google Analytics

This is one of the most alluring and useful yet confusing tools for online marketing, Google Analytics is a must-implement to any marketing strategy, as it allows you to find out where visitors are coming from–whether it is organically, directly or from a social media or email campaign. You can also track visitors behaviors, such as what pages they visited, the amount of time they spent on a page and much more.This type of information, if analyzed effectively, can help you reform your website to better suit the needs of visitors, as well allow you to identify what impactful content you should focus on and what to avoid.