Online marketing campaigns are a tough task. Whether your marketing efforts are in the form of Facebook posts or writing content, it is recommend that you perform regular check-ups throughout the year. It will help you assess what needs improvement and what still needs to be done. Check out these helpful tips on how to perform a checkup on your online marketing campaign.

Look At Data

The great thing about online marketing is that most methods have tools you can use to get statistics on traffic. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up yet for your website, then it is highly advisable that you do that as soon as possible. Google Analytics gives you all the numbers pertaining to where you are receiving traffic from, the pages visitors are reading and the ones they are not, the search terms you are generating traffic with and plenty of other data points.

This kind of data is beneficial, as you can easily figure out what needs work with your marketing campaigns. For example, if your call to action page is not converting quite well, it can tell you that you probably need an improved CTA and design. You can also look at how much you are spending on ads in comparison to the revenue you are generating from them.

Many email marketing tools have this same sort of information available and those can also assist you in analyzing and updating your email marketing campaigns.


Feedback is a vital tool for optimizing your online marketing campaign. For example: if you are running an ecommerce company, you will want to analyze the kind of feedback that your products and promotions are getting. Other companies can also receive feedback from clients in the form of surveys and prize contests.

Any kind of information a client can relay to you about your product or service is significant and will aid you in understanding wants and needs of customers.

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