Why Mobile App Development Can Help Your Digital Marketing

Smartphones are becoming a common everyday necessity. On average, 70% of a person’s day is being used on digital media. 80% of that time is being used on mobile apps. That number is expected to grow as mobile apps have become more and more significant.

As mobile app usage continues to grow these are the ways mobile apps can help your digital marketing.


Having an app will allow you to connect with the local market quicker. According to Forbes, in-app click-through rates have shown a sharp increase when compared to web click-through rates.This allows you to have more marketing opportunities through in-app advertising methods, such as full screen pop-ups and/or banners.


There is good availability of tracking platforms for your app. Metrics such as cost-per-action and install-to-action help make sure your marketing strategy is functioning well. There are also advertising analytics which help you understand the efficiency of any strategy or tool.

Push Notifications

You know those messages you receive from your apps? Those are called push notifications, which can help facilitate your marketing by allowing:

    • User interaction
    • Easy communication
    • Introduction of new features
    • Timing messages
    • Analysis


Personalizing apps can help increase engagement and conversions. Observing how people use your app will give you data and insights that can help you evolve your app into a much more personalized one. Personalization is a great way to retain users of your mobile app.

Improve Revenue Potential

Mobile apps can help improve revenue potential by leaving a lasting impression on users. Happy customers means a higher demand. Mobile apps give room for increased customer engagement and satisfaction and the development of a solid business relationship.

For example, push notifications facilitate the transport of information to users, which help move the sales cycle a lot quicker than before.


Mobile apps can facilitate branding. Everyone has access to the internet and smartphones, which means an ad through a smartphone can be more powerful than any other media. It in essence highlights the visibility and availability of a brand.

Mobile app development should be a priority of your digital marketing plan. Developing an app for users that they can’t live without should be the mission in order to propel your marketing strategy.