Why You Need React

React is an open source code library used by Javascript programmers to build an app or website. It is regarded as the most efficient and flexible way to build user interfaces.

React was created by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. Top tech companies such as Dropbox, Netflix and Instagram use it for their platforms.

Here are the reasons why you need React.

Simple To Use

React was created with the intention of being more simple to use in terms of development, programming and managing of resources. A background in JSX (a preprocessor step that adds XML syntax to JavaScript) and HTML is mostly what’s needed to build with React.


As mentioned, React is a more flexible way of building UI’s. Thanks to the side libraries with special opportunities, developers can know code without the restrictions and prohibitions of the past, allowing them to choose more convenient ways of dealing with strategy and any issues that may arise.

Virtual DOM

A Virtual DOM is a lightweight representation of a DOM object. It creates in-memory data structure cache and enumerates resolutions difference, which updates the browser’s displayed DOM efficiently. Although it acts as real DOM object, it doesn’t have the power to directly change what’s on the screen.This make managing and updating the virtual DOM much faster than ever before.

App Performance

React has the ability to work on any device, tablet or smartphone regardless of its age. It does this by automatically updating one-page apps that don’t require reloads for the UI redraws. This helps eliminate issues of trying to run large and graphics-heavy web pages that don’t meet a device’s capabilities.

SEO Friendly

Unlike Javascript frameworks, React allows you to run your app on a server that Virtual DOM renders and returns to a browser as a regular website. This means search engines can index you app and give you the opportunity to rank high in search results.

Design Interface

Developers can use Nest View to control nested elements in a simple manner and use Loops to create rendering views in a React framework. These features in React JS help developers design interfaces in a more efficient way according to your tastes, desires and principles.