Automotive is a broad category. You can sell car parts, accessories, even technology. But you need to sell it somewhere. And in 2024, more and more merchants are turning to eCommerce solutions to sell their products. With so many platforms offering you a chance to make your own site, you think it should be easy. But then it happens. Suddenly, something that was supposed to be simple has become much more difficult and is cutting into your time of running your business. You need help. You need a custom developer. You need Fyresite.

You Need a Customer Developer Because…

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you need a custom developer for your automotive site.

You Need Metafields

Metafields are Fyresite’s favorite thing. Metafields are how we make a seamless customer experience. Need to have a way to have your products easily sortable? Metafields. Want your customers to find what they’re looking for quickly? Metafields. Want to know about metafields? Here’s our blog.

You Need an Expert

There are a lot of different types of developers out there, with lots of different skill sets and experience levels. So why should you go for a custom developer? Because they know their code inside and out. They know how to make it so their code says exactly what you need it to to serve your site and customers.

And Fyresite does. We have top code experts who grew up and worked in the automotive industry. What we don’t know we learn during our initial discovery process. Leveraging all these factors allows us to make the exact store you need.

You Need to Feel Secure in Your Store

If you’re not comfortable with your store, how can you expect your clients to be? You need to feel secure in the fact that your store was built with the best practices of coding in mind. With a custom developer, you get the security of knowing that your developer is weaving best practices into your company’s store.

You Need to Focus on Your Company

You’re busy. There’s much more to running a company than just creating an eCommerce store. By hiring a custom developer for your automotive site, you get to hand off the hard part. When you partner with Fyresite, we understand this. You’re involved in the design and have final say in the development of your site, but you won’t have to be doing every step yourself.

Fyresite’s Recommendation of the Best ECommerce Platform for Automotive

Fyresite recommends Shopify for automotive sites interested in selling with an eCommerce platform. For businesses making over $1,000,000 in annual revenue, we recommend Shopify Plus. Why? Because it allows you to have a customizable store with many benefits and lower fees. Even better, for merchants that are making high revenue, Shopify Plus can actually save you money.

Case Study – Chassis Unlimited

When Chassis Unlimited came to Fyresite, they were seeking a new eCommerce solution, as they were tired of the stress and upkeep that came with managing their Magento store. We delivered. You can learn more about why they migrated and how we migrated them by reading this blog or watching the video below.

Meet Your Custom Developer

Are you an automotive store owner who needs a custom developer? You’ve found one. Reach out to Fyresite today to get started.