Why You Need Custom WordPress Theme Development

Wordpress has eliminated many obstacles in obtaining a website. With WordPress themes readily available at the click of a button, there is no reason a website shouldn’t look modern and up-to-date. Although there are thousands of WordPress themes available, functionality and design that are not up to your needs may require the development of a custom WordPress theme.

These are the reasons why a custom WordPress theme development is the route to go.

Can’t Find A Theme

The perfect theme for your business might not exist. Custom WordPress development provides the research and data analysis to puts together a strategy that will suit your vision goals, requirements and content of your WordPress site.

Design Limits

If design is important to your business, a custom WordPress theme is the only solution to eliminate design limitations. Using existing themes will have integrated design elements you can’t do much about.

Unique and Original

Treating a website just like a product or service is important. After all, it’s the first interaction you may have with customers so it’s vital to set a good first impression. Having a WordPress theme that isn’t recognizable from 10 other sites isn’t going to do you much good with conversions. A unique and original WordPress theme that stands out will give you an edge above the competition.

Can Be Faster

A custom WordPress theme is made to suit the features you need, meaning it won’t have the extra features a regular WordPress theme has lying around. This means faster load times, thus better search engine rankings.

Good Code

A lot of themes have code with errors and bugs that will only cause problems. Getting a custom WordPress theme ensures you have good code, especially from the team at Fyresite.


From getting valuable insights to getting a personalized service, having a custom WordPress theme is totally worth the cost. Making room in your budget for a custom WordPress theme is key and should be part of your business plan if it is not already. If you have the budget, you can get a free consultation with Fyresite.

Customer Support

A custom WordPress gets you the best bang for your buck, including in the customer support area. Dealing with customer support from other themes can be quite the headache and may sometimes be no help at all. Working with a team like Fyresite ensures personal and rapid support that can quickly fix any bugs or concerns you may have.