When people think about eCommerce stores, they tend to think of the giants. It makes sense: after all, businesses who sell online can tap into new, diverse markets they never could have accessed otherwise. But when you run a smaller business, it can be scary to see so many big, successful brands using Shopify.

Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about. Many of the most successful Shopify stores started out small. Their owners were creatives, entrepreneurs, and other passionate people who poured their time and energy into something they loved. Using Shopify’s advanced suite of tools and guidance from a local Shopify partner, these businesses were able to grow and flourish.

It’s about time we talk about Arizona businesses running on Shopify. After all, Shopify can make any local business grow internationally.

Elevated Craft: an Arizona Cocktail Shaker business running on Shopify

Elevated Craft is an Arizona-based startup selling super well-designed cocktail shakers and other mixologist products. Because careful design is at the center of their product, they needed a crisp, professional website to showcase and sell their products.

When Elevated Craft came to Fyresite, they wanted something that showed off the elegance and sophistication of their design. We went above and beyond to deliver. Our designers poured their hearts and minds into each element to guarantee a crisp and polished look.

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InspiredLED: an Arizona LED business running on Shopify

LEDs are cool, but the cheap multicolored strips college students buy on Amazon to decorate their dorms won’t do for most adults. That’s why inspiredLED sells a plethora of professional LED products and services, including strips, panels, lenses, transformers, and more. Their website needed to support their individual products without detracting from their design services.

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Local Nomad: an Arizona lifestyle business running on Shopify

You don’t have to run an international enterprise to have a great website. Local Nomad started off as a Phoenix-based lifestyle boutique, but expanded online with their Shopify-based storefront.

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State Bicycle Company: an Arizona bicycle business running on Shopify

When people think of stuff to buy online, bicycles aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. That didn’t stop State Bicycle Co. from opening an awesome bicycle eCommerce store on Shopify. They sell bicycles, parts, accessories, and more, which allows them to capitalize on every possible revenue source.

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Antique Sugar: an Arizona vintage clothing business running on Shopify

Arizonans are growing increasingly aware of how wasteful fast fashion can be. That’s why businesses like Antique Sugar grow and thrive: they bring stylish vintage clothing to people who want to look good. Because style is so important to any clothing brand, Antique Sugar needed a truly beautiful website.

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How to Find a Phoenix Shopify Plus Partner

Finding a local Shopify partner can be scary, but there are lots of great tools to make it easier.

One option is to use aggregate websites like Clutch. They let you search through lots of different criteria to find the best fit.

You can also explore partners directly affiliated with Shopify. Fyresite, for instance, is the first and only Arizona tech business to become a Shopify Plus Partner. We can give local, detailed advice on your next project to keep you business profitable and satisfy customers. You can reach our team with the contact information below.