What is B2B?

B2B, or business to business, is when a business supplies goods or services to another business. This can include wholesalers, large retailers, organizations, and resellers.

B2B sales have been largely migrating online, due to both the Covid-19 pandemic and for the ease of consumers. The B2B e-commerce market is seriously growing – with research suggesting that it will be responsible for 22% of all global retail sales by 2024.

What tools does Shopify Plus offer for B2B?

Shopify Plus offers many tools to help your business, including

  • Company profiles
  • Price lists
  • Net payment terms
  • Customer accounts
  • B2B checkout, showing wholesale pricing
  • More features, such as connecting your ERP through Shopify API, that will be dropping throughout late 2022 and beyond
  • All the benefits built into every Shopify Plus plan

Is Shopify Plus the right platform for my business?

Who in this fast-growing market would benefit from using Shopify?

  • Companies who work in the B2B market and are looking to expand online
  • Companies who are just starting to branch out into B2B e-commerce
  • Companies who are already DTC (direct to consumer) and want to add B2B to their catalog

If any of these describe you and your business, keep reading to see what Shopify Plus can do for you and your business.

What are the benefits and the limitations?

Shopify is an amazing platform that can really build your business, but it is not without limitations. It’s true that selling B2B is only available for consumers on the Shopify Plus tier, that there is a max of 500 line items than can be ordered, and that third-party apps don’t always work with the new software. However, if you partner with a Shopify Plus partner such as Fyresite, we can make custom proxy apps to help functionality. Plus, the many benefits to selling with Shopify more than make up for any limitations.

For one, Shopify works with blended and dedicated stores, meaning you can sell B2B and DTC, all conveniently on one site. For another, Shopify offers many resources to help make the process as easy as they can for you and your customers. Best of all, when you move your B2B platform to Shopify Plus, you get all the benefits of a top-tier platform.

Shopify’s B2B features are constantly evolving to meet the needs of you and your business, with updates planned for late 2022 and beyond.

How can I use Shopify as my B2B platform?

There are a few different things to consider when you want to sell B2B on Shopify. First, is your business already using Shopify Plus? If so, B2B on Shopify is added for no additional cost. If your business is not already on Shopify but on another platform, Shopify offers options for migrating your site to Shopify. If you are starting completely from scratch, there are Shopify Plus partners, like Fyresite, who can help you build your website to your specifications using Shopify.

Starting your B2B doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re not sure how to get started with your B2B, or want to see if B2B is the right fit for your business, Shopify offers a checklist to help you every step of the way. Shopify also has experts for you to contact and ask questions, as well as Shopify Plus partners to help you build your website.

All In one B2B service

For help building and designing your B2B website on Shopify, click Fyresite’s affiliate link.