You have a great eCommerce shop, which is doing very well, but could be better. Maybe you’re running your business through WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magneto), or Squarespace. They are all fine platforms, but they’re not perfect – for you or your business. After lots of research, you decide on Shopify. That’s great! But what now? Look no further, as Fyresite’s Beginner’s Guide to Shopify Migration is here to answer all your questions.


Preparing for Migration

Like all things, you need to prepare some things before you can begin your migration.

Determine what tier of Shopify you want

Fyresite recommends Shopify Plus, you can read why here.

How are you going to do your migration?

Shopify has three options. An import app, which may not be compatible with your old platform, and can be a headache if your data doesn’t exactly align with the app’s needs.

You can also move your data manually, which can also be a headache and time consuming.

Or, you can partner with a Shopify Plus partner, like Fyresite, who can help make the transition smoother by doing the technical heavy-lifting.

Decisions to Make During Migration

After choosing how to migrate your shop, you still have key decisions to make.

Make a migration plan

When making a detailed list of items to carry over to Shopify, we recommend only the last 2-3 years worth of data. You must import your data in the following order: Products, then customers, then historical orders.

This plan can help target the specific reason(s) that you are leaving your old platform. Partnering with a Shopify Plus partner can help you iron out these issues so they don’t impact your new Shopify store. If you choose to do it yourself, Shopify help has many resources to help you with questions you may have.

Set up your shipping, domain, and URL directs (where applicable)

Again, partnering with a Shopify Plus partner can help you do this smoothly.

Make sure your taxes are configured and you have chosen a payment provider

We highly recommend staying in the Shopify ecosystem for payments by leveraging Shopify Payments for highly competitive rates, the best fraud protection, and the ultimate user experience

Finishing up your Migration

You have finished migrating your shop into Shopify. Congratulations! What next?

Do a test order

We at Fyresite recommend that you do a test order to make sure your website is running smoothly and there are no issues that need to be fixed

Tell your customers

A new site is as exciting for your customers as it is for you, since issues that cause you to migrate often are issues for your customers as well

Invite customers to make accounts on your new website

You can use an app from the Shopify store to invite your customers over.
Merchants who are Shopify Plus customers, you have access to the Shopify bulk account inviter app.

Are you looking to become a Shopify Plus merchant? As a certified Shopify Plus partner, Fyresite is a development team that you can trust.

To partner with Fyresite and see if Shopify’s a fit for you, use this affiliate link.