The year? 2023. The company? Fyresite. Our branding? Brand new! That’s right – after 13 years of the branding that you know and love, we’ve given it a facelift with our Fyresite rebrand.

Why the Change?

As web experts, we are always telling our customers the importance of having a logo that represents who you are. That answer changes as your business grows, and Fyresite was no exception.

“The original Fyresite logo was created back in 2010. Over the years it has served us well, but it was time to grow up from that look,” our co-founder and CEO, Jason Turnquist said.

“The agency has grown to work with top brands and we wanted a logo and brand identity to reflect that. We’re excited about what this new era of Fyresite brings and our brand refresh represents that.”

What Were We Looking For?

There were a few things that we were looking for in our rebrand. We wanted our new logo to be simplified, elegant, and modern. We wanted it to reflect our brand, who we are as a company. A logo is the first impression a company gives potential clients; we needed our logo to reflect where we are now, not where we started.

What Did We Do?

We enlisted our incredibly talented design team to make a new logo, both the image and the typeface. They worked to make a logo that both showed where we are now, while being mindful of where we want to be in the future.

Our new logo and brand identity shows the relationship between communication, connectivity, and collaboration while honoring where we began.
As we move into the next phase of our businesses, our new branding reflects the quality of service that we can provide to you.

Need Web and/or App Services?

Our branding has changed, but our excellent service has not. If you’re in need of web and/or app service, contact us today!