Shopify has recently dropped their Shopify Editions for Summer 2023. In this, Shopify announced over 100 updates that have recently been released, including multiple that our Fyre developers are incredibly excited about! However, the terminology means that not everyone will understand the importance of these new updates. No need for concern; Fyresite has broken down what we’re most excited about in easy to understand terms.

Enhanced Checkout Editor

If you’re a regular reader of our Fyresite blogs, you know that editing checkouts in Shopify has been a historic sore spot for merchants. Checkouts have always been functional, but some merchants felt restricted by how rigid it was.

The new Enhanced Checkout Editor feature allows developers working on Shopify Plus sites to view all checkout pages options, including three page checkout, one page checkout, thank you page, and new customer account pages directly in the checkout editor to test extensions that have been added.

What Criteria Must You Meet to Use This?

Only stores that are using Shopify Plus can take advantage of this great feature.

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In Understandable Terms

In plain English, this feature allows your developers to view how your customers will see the checkout page(s), thank you page, and new customer account pages.

Whenever an extension is added to your Shopify store, it has to be tested. Now you can add extensions to your checkout, and developers can test them.

Our Fyresite developers are excited about this because we can complete customizations much faster for your checkout.

Native Bundle Products

One of the amazing new features that was released in Shopify Editions was native bundle products. This means that merchants can now download a free app from the Shopify App Store that will allow you to easily create fixed bundles and multipacks directly from the Shopify admin.

What Criteria Must You Meet to Use This?

Your Shopify store must be using the online sales channel, as other sales channels are not supported yet. You also need to unpublish all Shopify Scripts. You also must not use any checkout.liquid customizations and features. If you revert back to checkout.liquid, your store will be unable to use bundles.

In Understandable Terms

Bundles are beneficial because they can increase your average order value, allow you to offer discounts to your customers, clear out old inventory, and drive more visibility to your products.

Doing this all from Shopify’s new app means you don’t have to use a third-party app that may not be reliable.

There are two types of bundles you can do with this new app: fixed and multipack.

Fixed bundles are a bundle made from product sets of your choosing. Your customers will only be able to choose from the variation of products, such as size of bottle if they’re buying hair products.

Multipack bundles are fixed bundles with more than one of the same product. Your customers will be choosing from the variation of products multiple times. For example, if you’re selling a multipack of tank tops, and customers can choose what color each tank top in the pack is.

Our developers are excited for it because it solves issues, including that stores that have multi-part products run into, and reduces the amount of (sometimes expensive) custom apps that need to be created in impacted stores.

Admin UI Extensions with Direct API Access

This Shopify Editions introduced Admin UI Extensions with Direct API Access. It’s an entirely new way to integrate apps with the Shopify Admin seamlessly.

Admin action extensions let developers make key app features accessible from a modal directly within the admin, so businesses never have to switch contexts or wait for apps to load.

On the other hand, admin block extensions enable developers to display data and provide functionality within inline cards on specific admin pages like product details and order details.

With the direct API access, admin UI extensions can make API calls directly to Admin API GraphQL endpoints, completely eliminating the need to proxy calls through apps. This improves performance and reduces latency.

What Criteria Must You Meet to Use This?

Currently, this feature is only in developer preview. This means that developers can only render them while developing locally on a development store.

In Understandable Terms

Our developers are excited about this new feature because it will allow us to utilize our years of custom dashboard UI design and development to bring the Fyresite UX experience into the Shopify Admin for our clients.

In other words, this allows us to bring Fyresite directly into your Shopify Admin, while also improving the performance and reducing the delays within the app.

Want Shopify? Want to Work With a Top Shopify Plus Partner?

These are just some of the new things that were released in the latest Shopify Editions. The bi-annual drops means that Shopify is constantly listening to and solving merchants that some merchants may not even know they have.

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