Google E-A-T is a decision-making program that helps determine SEO rankings. Based on how well the webpage adheres to their factoring methods, Google will use E-A-T to decide the order it appears in search results.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Even though this isn’t an algorithm, if you understand how E-A-T operates, you can utilize the concept to help your SEO ranking.


Google is always looking for the expert in the subject. Expertise simply means that you have knowledge and are consistently showing it through your content.

If you are an individual, keep in mind:

  • Does your content reflect your knowledge and skills?
  • Are you certified in your field? What credentials back you up?
  • Do you give personal reflections in bios or bylines?
  • Are there others that verify your experience?


If you are a company, keep in mind:

  • Who is the main content creator? Would your company benefit by having more experts?
  • Is expertise reflected in content other than advertisements?
  • Does your company’s expertise expand beyond your content?


By making sure your content reflects your expertise, Google E-A-T is going to boost your SEO ranking.


Authority means that not only do you have knowledge, but you also have the experience in managing it.

Credentials show you’ve studied and passed the necessary requirements, but customer reviews are essential to show you have personal experience. Make sure your website displays both so you can demonstrate your position in the field.

You know you’ve reached authority status when people look to you for answers in the subject. After all, authoritative websites are industry leaders and provide resourceful information.


Why would you visit a page you had no trust in? That is why trustworthiness is a big role in google’s SEO rankings.

There are so many factors that could leave a bad enough impression to lose a customer. One being that their personal information isn’t safe.

Keeping personal information on lockdown and hackers away is the biggest promise you can make to your customers. So take all the precautions you can to eliminate stolen information.


Viewers also need to be able to trust your content and your resources.

Can your information be fact-checked? Is all your content honest and accurate? Make sure the viewers feel safe and secure when logging on to your website.

Popular Misconceptions

In order to learn how to use E-A-T, you have to unlearn all the things that might be altering your view of it.

For example, did you know,

E-A-T isn’t an algorithm

E-A-T is actually a part of a collection of algorithms put together to determine SEO rankings. So E-A-T on it’s own is not going to determine your ranking, but fine-tuning the website to fit E-A-T will help SEO.

SEO is more than just the E-A-T Program

There are so many more search engines than just google so don’t base your SEO performance on Google programs only.


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This isn’t the best solution for misinformation

Even though Google uses this process to weed out untrustworthy websites, Google can’t give you the perfect results 100% of the time.

Even if you are confident in Google E-A-T, remember that it is a program and not an all-powerful being with all the right answers all the time.

Establishing E-A-T isn’t instantaneous

Building your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness is going to take time. As long as you focus on your content and your goals for your website, your results will be grand.


Start using Google E-A-T to improve search rankings

Google’s E-A-T program is a great way to put your webpage at the top of the search results.

Although this shouldn’t be your only SEO factor, it is a great way to get high rankings on Google search results.

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