As every year passes, SEO optimization continues to grow in technique.

In 2018, the big focus was optimizing your website with keywords and meta descriptions. This way you can reach your target audience easier and keep them engaged in relevant content.

2020 was fixated on better user experience (UX). Key SEO strategies included engaging with different principles and learning the psychology behind UX.

2021 not only brings a ton of new ways to optimize your website’s SEO, but techniques introduced in earlier years are getting a brush-up and a makeover.

How do I optimize SEO for 2021?

There are a few different ways to optimize your website but here is a list of the most beneficial.


Follow Google’s “EAT” concept for higher search ranking

First and foremost, don’t get too excited about eating food because that isn’t what this is about.

The acronym stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This system helps guide the users search towards the most relevant results.

With simple searches like “funny memes” or “cute cat videos”, this concept doesn’t really apply. However, for searches like “Italian restaurants in Phoenix” or “What should I look for in a website designer”, you will want to follow this strategy.

For expertise, google is looking for experts in that subject that give out a lot of related content. So if you search “Can I replace olive oil with vegetable oil”, google is probably going to look for a chef that uses oil in a majority of their recipes and align you with their answer.

Authoritativeness has a lot to do with companies or influencers that are known dominators in these fields. Authoritativeness is all about authority so building it is crucial for your company’s success.

And finally, trustworthiness is all about transparency and content accuracy. Google looks for things like contact information, reviews, citing content’s original sources.

Featured snippets go a long way

Content has always been such a key factor in prime SEO optimization. Give the user a sneak-peak into the page they are about to visit so they can find the content they are looking for.

Voice Search affects SEO Phrasing

With popular devices like Amazon’s Alexa, the Google home, Apple’s Siri and more, it is no wonder that SEO optimization has had to reconfigure to fit these platforms.

To optimize for this, try adding keywords that are natural in conversation.

For example, someone using an Alexa might ask, “How do I tune my antique grand piano” while someone using their iPhone to search might type “antique grand piano tuning”. So consider using keywords that fit all searches.

Strong UX will always win the game

I know, this tip is nothing new, but you cannot dismiss it.

Make sure your pages are loading fast, the design is easy to navigate, it is mobile friendly, and your website stands out from your competitors.

Local SEO is as important as ever

If your business is set up in a location, make sure everyone in that location knows it. SEO optimization works in the favor of locality.

According to digital marketing and SEO experts, 46% of all Google searches feature a local intent. Knowing that, your business should aim to reach all the search results for your area.

Video Marketing is taking a stronghold

People are now spending more time than ever watching videos from their devices.

Source: OBERLO

In fact, by 2022, experts predict that 82% of internet traffic will come from the influence of downloads and internet streaming. Because of the rise in video content, companies are trying to increase their video presence. This can come from different forms like advertisements or sponsored content.

Make sure your results are mobile-friendly

This is a quick way to make or break your customer’s experience. By having a website that works just as beautifully and efficiently on a mobile device, you are securing that the customers will have all their needs met.

Doing simple tasks like this will be a great boost for SEO optimization.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining a unique roll

Google is using a program called “RankBrain” to optimize results for users searching through artificial intelligence (AI) platforms.

Although this technology is still developing, there is going to be a boost in popularity this upcoming year.

SEO Optimization is Beyond Beneficial

Not only are you reaching further into your target audience, but the more you pay attention to these things, the better served your customers will feel.

If you want to know more about optimizing your website and molding it to the best of its potential, please reach out.

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