Criminal defense attorney websites are very hard to pull off well. The website must appeal to all clients, establish credibility, and maintain (often ugly) industry design conventions. It’s a tough balancing act, but Fyresite and other web designers have pulled it off beautifully a few times. Some criminal attorney websites rank well, market masterfully, and look great. Here are the twelve best criminal defense attorney websites.

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1) Sonja Duckstein

Sonja Duckstein is a Phoenix-based criminal defense attorney specializing in misdemeanor, felony, DUI, and medical marijuana cases. She prides herself on personally handling every part of every case.

Duckstein’s website is structured for her clients at its very core. The whole website is optimized for search engines, making it extra easy to find, and the design all works toward a strategic sales funnel. This criminal defense attorney website works for clients on every level.

2) Kristopher Rezagholi

Kristopher Rezagholi is a top trial attorney specializing in criminal, DUI, and personal injury cases. He takes a particular analytical approach to cases.

Rezafholi’s website very quickly establishes trust. The bright reds promote his brand and catch attention, while the giant header and photo establish social proof and a personal touch. All these factors funnel directly into contact forms with a promise of free consultations. From a structural standpoint, Rezafholi’s attorney website works wonderfully.

3) Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Oykhman Criminal Defence Law (the Canadian spelling uses a “C”) is a Toronto-based criminal defense firm. They’ve mastered more than a dozen different practice areas within the “Criminal Defense” category.

Most criminal defense websites look alike, but Oykhman uses strong strategy and branding to shake things up. The dark color scheme with classy photos create an atmosphere of elegance and strategy, but the faces also establish trust. The criminal defense law firm website bends the rules to its whim instead of succumbing to them.

4) Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez is a multitalented attorney based in Brownsville, TX. He also writes and records music.

It’s no secret that videos are the future of online marketing, and Michael Gonzalez uses videos brilliantly. The entire website uses videos and strategic copy to make Gonzalez more approachable and credible. A few autoplay when they shouldn’t (which may hurt a website’s accessibility), but otherwise, the marketing is brilliant.

5) Aulich

Aulich Law is a criminal, civil, property, and personal injury law firm in Canberra City, Australia. Their large and talented team is especially well-versed with plea deals.

Aulich is very simple, but that’s a good thing. The dark colors and strategic design include only what’s needed. The copy is too long, but otherwise, the simple design is very effective.

6) Luftman, Heck, & Associates LLP: Columbus Office

Luftman, Heck, & Associates LLP is an award-winning criminal defense law firm in Columbus, Ohio. They handle a wide range of areas of practice and have represented thousands of clients.

Though the featured image is a bit dramatic, the website does not disappoint. It has ample social proof, lots of face photos, multiple call-to-action buttons, and an overall professional design. It’s dramatic, but the drama works.

7) Law Office of Lloyd Long

Lloyd Long is a Philadelphia-based criminal defense attorney. He handles each case personally and has a perfect rating on AVVO.

Lloyd Long has a pretty standard criminal defense attorney website design, but he wields it well. There’s a smiling photo, city backdrop, and SEO-optimized copy. The copy is too long and the top banner is too big, but it’s an otherwise effective website.


The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers advocates for human rights and fair treatment in the criminal justice system. Their members unite to fight against systematic problems within the justice system.

NACDL has to comply with different design conventions (since it’s an organization, not a firm), but the design is still very effective. The featured image is striking and the navigation organizes a lot of content into an accessible structure. It may differ from the norm, but it works well.

9) Cox Fricke LLP

Cox Fricke LLP is a Hawaii law firm with extensive experience in litigation, defense, and much more. The firm’s small size gives them ample agility to go all-in on cases, offering unparalleled dedication to clients.

Cox Fricke gets social proof right. Immediately, visitors are hit with reviews, badges, and more. Anyone who spends enough time on the website is sure to be convinced of their talent, meaning the website sells.

10) Bienert | Katzman

Bienert | Katzman is a Southern California law firm with lots of high-profile clients. They are especially well-versed in complex white-collar criminal cases.

It’s the little things that make Bienert | Katzman count. The occasional subtle micro animation, navigation button, or little blurb of copy goes a long way for a criminal defense firm website.

11) McKinney Law

McKinney Law is a Pittsburg law firm specializing in criminal defense. They are especially successful in homicide cases.

This website is partially awesome and partially sub-par. The good part? It’s unique! The design really stands out as memorable and visually-communicative in all the right ways. It’s no wonder it shows up on lots of other criminal defense attorney website design lists.

Unfortunately, a quick run through Fyresite’s QA audit found a number of ways to mess up the navigation. THis structural problem is easily remedied, but important to note. The creativity, however, is too strong to ignore, and it’s an overall effective website when it works.

12) Maceo Law

Maceo Law is Ambar Maceo’s Massachusetts law firm dedicated entirely to criminal defense, with a special focus on human rights. Maceo was appointed chair of the young lawyers subcommittee of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The design itself is pretty standard, but it’s the structure that makes it amazing. The entire website was built in direct compliance with WCAG accessibility standards, which is huge for any website, but especially for an attorney website. The translation function is perfect for client accessibility and SEO, and the about page and photos establish so much trust. This website may not look different from most criminal defense attorney website designs, but it’s built super well, and Maceo should be proud.

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