With Shopify Plus prices increasing to $2,500/mo in April 2024, eCommerce merchants will wonder if Shopify Plus is still worth the subscription cost. Spoiler alert: it is.

While it’s true that Shopify Plus is not the best option for every merchant, the cost should not deter enterprise level merchants from taking advantage of the benefits offered by a Shopify Plus membership.

As Arizona’s first Shopify Plus Partner, Fyresite has broken down when and why Shopify Plus is worth $2,500+ a month.

Shopify Plus is Worth it…Because of the Money You Save

This may seem counterproductive – spending money to save money. But for some merchants, it’s the truth.

Shopify Plus offers the benefit of lower transaction costs, as well as access to exclusive features that allow your business to grow and expand.

Best of all, the only required fee to use Shopify Plus is the subscription fee. This fee starts at $2,500/mo and scales with the business. Merchants that make less than $800,000 a month will pay that base rate of $2,500. When revenue exceeds $800,000 a month, there is a charge of .25% of the month’s revenue, but only for the month that broke that limit.

For merchants that sell high volume and/or have a large catalog, subscribing to Shopify Plus saves money.

Shopify Plus is Worth it…Because of the Ecosystem

While some eCommerce platforms rely exclusively on third-party solutions for everything your business needs, Shopify Plus offers merchants an amazing ecosystem of native features.

Shopify Plus was made to be and remains an eCommerce solution. While other eCommerce platforms offer eCommerce solutions as additions to other systems, Shopify is first and foremost an eCommerce platform. ECommerce is not just another feature offered by Shopify – it’s the defining feature.

Shopify Plus is Worth it…Because of Customizations

Businesses don’t fit into any one size fits all mold. Even in the same industry, the needs of one business to the other can differ. With the customization capabilities that Shopify Plus offers, every business can make sure that their store functions the way they want and need.

These customizations can be for custom solutions or design customizations. This includes customizing the traditionally strict Shopify checkout.

Shopify Plus is Worth it…Because You Are

You care about your business. You’ve spent hours painstakingly building it piece by piece. You deserve an eCommerce platform that recognizes that.

Shopify Plus merchants get the benefit of exclusive Shopify features, as well as the benefit of being supported by a platform that listens to their wants and needs and makes adjustments to make their platform even better.

Interested in Shopify Plus?

Are you interested in becoming a Shopify Plus merchant? Whether you are looking to create your Shopify store from scratch, or are looking to migrate your eCommerce store to the platform, Fyresite can help. Contact us today to start our partnership.