Fyresite just ranked 19th on the Sun Devil 100 list of fastest-growing businesses worldwide. This achievement marks Fyresite as one of the fastest-growing Sun Devil companies of 2021 and a top Phoenix app developer.

Each year, the ASU Alumni Association admits 100 innovative alumni into the Sun Devil 100: a prestigious class of global business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Eligible ASU graduates must own or lead a fast-growing company with revenue above $250,000 for over three years. Most importantly, business practices must embody the ASU charter, with an emphasis on inclusion, public good, and responsible community contribution.

Honorees are recognized in a ceremony and ranked in terms of fast growth and innovation. Each honoree receives an award for their accomplishment and is admitted into a class of hundreds of other global business leaders.

TEMPE – April 25, 2018 – ASU Now – Sun Devil 100 – Sun Devil 100 plaques are ready to be handed out at the luncheon at the Carson Ballroom, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, celebrating the fastest growing alumni owned or led businesses. The 2018 winners generated $8.5 billion in revenue, employed more than 24,000 people and had a 41 percent median growth. Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

The results are in, and top Phoenix app developer Fyresite ranked number 19! That means Fyresite is one of the fastest-growing Sun Devil companies of 2021 and a top Phoenix app developer.

This competitive award highlights Jason’s outstanding leadership and innovative spirit. Fyresite’s innovative technical work, national renown, and brilliant communal spirit make Jason a perfect candidate and well-deserving of this award. Thanks to Jason and the Fyresite team, we’ve grown exponentially from our humble beginnings in a college dorm room. It’s only fitting that this top app development firm be recognized by the very same institution

Congratulations to the entire Sun Devil 100 Class of 2021! Your entrepreneurial spirit keeps the Sun Devil spirit alive and smoldering. Forks up!