Most lists of Best Shopify Apps are written by the people who profit from the apps. This list is different. As a certified Shopify partner, Fyresite’s goal is to help merchants build better websites, and we can’t do that without giving the best possible advice. To make your Shopify website run as smoothly as possible, use these must-have Shopify apps.

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1) Vitals

If merchants could only pick one app, Vitals would be the smart choice. It includes more than 40 apps in one package, including product review tools, trust badges, live sales popups, social feeds, email collectors, visitor replays, and so much more. For anyone willing to pay $30/month for all their tools in one place, vitals is an awesome pick.


Stamped is an amazing tool for gathering reviews — read more in Fyresite’s top five woocommerce plugins post. It prompts customers to make reviews at extremely convenient times during their journey and syncs them on your website.

3) OptinMonster

Popups are annoying, but OptinMonster uses analytics to display popups at the exact right time, such as when a visitor is about to leave or needs a coupon. It supports extensive A/B testing and analytics, making it a very smart and strategic choice.

4) Sales Popup

Sales popup, well . . . adds sales popups. Use custom notifications to drive sales and generate social proof. Plus, it’s totally free.

5) Plug In SEO

Want to rank? Just install Plug In SEO for a detailed SEO report with step-by-step instructions. The free plan provides unlimited checkups, but the $20/month plan optimizes the website automatically with structured data and full JSON-LD.

6) Happy Returns

This one is pricey, but worth it for big enterprises. Happy Returns automates the entire return and exchange experience so businesses don’t have to worry about it. For enterprises, this extension could save a fortune.

7) VStore Shoppable Videos

Videos are the future, and VStore propels merchants ahead of the curve. This app empowers business owners to embed products directly into videos. The whole shopping experience becomes much more engaging and interactive for visitors, which keeps them on the website longer and makes them more likely to buy what they see in a video.

8) Trunk

Trunk syncs inventory across Amazon, Etsy, and everything in between. It’s a must-have for any business with multiple inventories

Most importantly, Trunk works. Most inventory management apps (including the Shopify Amazon app) have lots of synching problems. Trunk just works. No wonder 99% of its reviews are 5-star.

9) Offset

Have customers who are conscious of their carbon footprint? Offset will put them at ease.

This free-to-install Shopify app charges just a few cents per order to offset its carbon emissions. That way, merchants can tell their customers that every order is carbon neutral at an extremely low cost.

10) PayWhirl

Need more recurring revenue? Paywhirl adds custom subscription options to each product, keeping customers valuable while making merchants money. It’s a simple, yet powerful app that works beautifully with repeatably purchasable goods.

11) Easyship

Shipping can be difficult, but easyship makes it . . . easy.  It sets merchants up with hundreds of different courier services. Merchants can choose the cheapest and fastest options, then give customers a choice between basic, premium, rushed, and international services. Plus, it’s all managed in the same place.

12) Quiz to Action

Do customers have a hard time picking the product that fits for them? Quiz to Action is a completely free and totally underrated solution. It empowers merchants to create custom quizzes ending in a call to action. An apparel company can create a “what style looks good on me” quiz and require an email to see the results. It’s an extremely effective strategy with loads of potential in many industries.

Which app fits on your store? Whether one stood out or you’d prefer a custom solution, Fyresite is the certified Shopify partner to help you get it running. Reach out through the form below for a free consultation.