Shopify offers a large variety of apps to help make every merchant optimize their site. Yes, that includes automotive merchants. Here are 8 Shopify apps that will drive every automotive merchant crazy with excitement.

Shopify Search and Discovery

It may seem obvious to include an app for search and discovery, but this Shopify native app is a powerhouse. More than just creating a search bar for your customers, with this app gives you the tools to enhance your products and sell more.

This app allows you to create custom filters, synonym groups, and product boosts to enhance the searching process. It also helps show relevant, similar, and complimentary products on product detail pages. Best of all, it gives you in-depth analytics that will show you how your search and discovery is performing.

ACF: Metafields

If you’re an automotive merchant, you know the double-edged sword that is the versatility of the industry. It seems that every make, model, and year belongs to a category by itself. It’s even harder to navigate if you’re a customer. But it doesn’t have to be.

Enter one of Fyresite’s favorite apps, ACF: Metafields. By leveraging metafields, your customers can easily input the exact information they need to be matched with the perfect product. This app offers a free plan, working for all merchants regardless of their budget.

If you’re interested in seeing how metafields can help an automotive business, you can read about how we used them to transform Chassis Unlimited.

Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation

Another good way to connect customers exactly with the product that they are looking for is Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation. Customers complete a (designed by you to match your branding!) quiz, their answers directing them to the perfect product.

Using this app, you can collect important data about your customers without going through a third party. You also can send the captured leads to your CRM or mailing list for future personalized campaigns.

This app is compatible with the Shop Pay app, and has both a free trial and a free plan, allowing you to try it out before committing fully.

Triple Whale Analytics

Analytics are important. Like, really important. But analytics can also be confusing and require knowledge of multiple platforms. That’s where Triple Whale Analytics comes in. This app gives you one easy dashboard to look and examine important data that makes your business even better.

Triple Whale Analytics leverages AI to give surface insights and detect anomalies in the data. With multiple plans, every merchant can find the right fit.


This app gives you the vital information that you need. Using this one built-for-Shopify app, you can use 40+ tools, all designed to boost conversion rates. This includes product reviews, an upsell builder, wish lists, and more. It even allows you to import reviews from other sites, bringing social proof across platforms.

Multiple payment plans allow you to find the plan that works for your business, and can grow with you. With one dashboard, you can access the 40+ tools with no effort at all.

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is one of our very favorite review apps. Why? Because our clients love it. Not only does this plan build social proof that helps customers trust your brand, it also benefits Google SEO, allowing you to reach customers that aren’t looking at your brand specifically.

This app has 4 plans, and integrates with popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Klaviyo.


In the eCommerce realm, it’s always important to reach and keep new customers. The Recharge app helps with both. Product bundles, subscriptions, and free gift options are just some of the growth and retention features that are offered with this app.

This app has two payment plans, both full of robust benefits for merchants. The first plan, starting at $99/mo, offers a 30 day free trial to help you see if it’s a fit for you and your business.

Shopify Audiences

If you want to grow your audience and reach new customers, you want the Shopify Audiences app. This free and native app offers many benefits. Shopify Audiences is an app that allows you to run ads across different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Creating target ads and lookalike audiences helps raise brand awareness and return on ad spend.

This app is only available to Shopify Plus merchants at this time. If you’re not a Shopify Plus merchant, you can do a free trial for 45 days.

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