There are many features to love about Shopify, and that’s why Fyresite has made this Shopify store example showcase. In this showcase, we’re going to go over some of our favorite aspects of Shopify sites and why they’re important.


Your homepage should tell your customers exactly who you are and what you’re selling. This is where you introduce your home to your customer base, and it’s important that they can tell your brand story based on that homepage.

State Forty-Eight

State Forty-Eight is an Arizona based eCommerce merchant that sells clothing inspired by the Copper State. More than just clothing, they also have partnerships with other companies and organizations throughout the state. What we love about their homepage is that you immediately get a sense of who they are and what they sell.


Olipop prides itself on being a new kind of soda, with all their sodas also having probiotics, high fiber, and low sugar. While many critics love their soda, we love their clean design that stays on their homepage, using color and simplistic design to immediately drag you in.


As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, logos are important. They are the key tie-in element to your marketing, and your calling card to let your customers know they’re dealing with your brand.


You may recognize this site, and that’s because it’s part of our Top 6 Shopify Automotive sites. It’s also one of our favorite examples of a great logo. Their logo utilizes both words and images to make their statement. The image part of the logo looks both like a skull and a front of a car.


This eCommerce merchant came to Fyresite asking for us to migrate their shop to Shopify and make many customizations to make their site perfect – for them and their customers. One of our favorite parts is their logo. It is the perfect way to add some design to your logo without compromising the text.


Just like restaurants, eCommerce menus let customers know what you sell. No one likes a site where they can’t find what you sell or what they need. Again, like restaurants, eCommerce menus can be big and have lots of products, or small with minimal options.

It’s a 10 Haircare

It’s a 10 haircare is a salon-quality hair care merchant that uses their menu to simply lay out their products. First by type, then collection, making it easy for you to find exactly what kind of hair product you want. Clean and easy to navigate make this menu a 10.


Martha Stewart’s eCommerce site sells everything from fashion to kitchenware to home goods. When you sell multiple types of goods, you need a good menu. Martha Stewart was certainly up to the task, with a clean and easy to access menu.

Color Pops

Use of color is hugely important. Even when using black and white, the usage can create dramatic impact and showcase your brand and products.


Dental care is not something that is traditionally associated with lots of colors. Cocofloss changed that. This company, started by a dentist and her sister, realized that people have a hard time wanting to floss and made a product that would make people excited to floss. This included bright colors. We love how they added bright colors to draw you into something that is typically considered banal.

Taza Chocolate

Chocolate is not something that is known for a large variety of colors. Taza Chocolate, a merchant that sells stone ground chocolate that prides themselves on their ethical cocoa sourcing, understands this. While they don’t add color to the chocolate itself, they do add it to the packaging and the branding for their Shopify site.


Your images can make or break your site. There’s a lot of things that you need to be aware of when choosing images for your site, such as resolution, variety, and file size.

Adored Vintage

An image says a thousand words. It’s important that your image is high quality and fits your brand. Adored Vintage checks both of these boxes. This vintage-inspired clothing merchant made sure that their images even had the same vintage feel.

Chassis Unlimited

Chassis Unlimited is a merchant that sells car parts, namely chassis. On this Fyresite-made site, the images serve more of a purpose than just decoration. Their images allow you to click and easily get to the product page quickly.

Product Detail Page

It’s important to make sure that your products shine. Just like other places on your site, your product detail page should be in theme, while still showing your product off properly.

Clé Tile

When Clé Tile came to Fyresite, they wanted to make sure that it would be simple for people to find the type of tile they wanted. That’s why we made it easy to search products based on color, and then allows you to filter what other criteria you want.


Béis is a company that sells travel bags, such as suitcases. Created by actress Shay Mitchell, this company makes it easy to browse their products. When you hover over any of the bags, you see a video of someone demonstrating how to use that bag and showing all of the bag’s features.

Form Capture

Form captures are great ways to grow your email list. Using apps like Shopify Forms, merchants can easily make form captures that work with your theme and encourage customers to subscribe.


This Asian-American, women owned company specializes in minimalist bags. Their entire site is minimalist in color and style, and that goes for their form capture as well. We love how their form capture matches the style of the rest of their site.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a merchant that sells highly caffeinated coffee while staying environmentally conscious. They offer a form capture for 15% that keeps their branding throughout, with an image of the grim reaper shaking from caffeine, drinking more coffee.

Customer Quizzes

Customer interaction is the name of the game, and using customer quizzes is a great way to encourage that.


Allbirds is a Shopify merchant that sells sustainable shoes for all different types of environments. Because of that, you may get overwhelmed on what would be the best type of shoe for their needs and wants. That’s why Allbirds has integrated this quiz that asks you a few simple questions and comes out with three ideal options for you.

ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty is a clean beauty company that focuses on makeup that works for skin concerns. Buying makeup online can be challenging, and people want to make sure that they buy the right shade. That’s why ILIA has a quiz for finding your shade for skin tint and foundation. We love how simple they make it, with the quiz asking you to find the picture that looks most like your skin.


Some merchants regard the footer as the footnote, but you can fit a lot of good and important information here.


The original phone holding accessory, PopSocket sells their original popsocket, wallets, and phone cases. Selling a lot of things means that they have a lot of ground to cover. Instead of putting a lot of extra information in the header, they chose to do it in the footer. And they did it really well.

Rainbow Vision

Rainbow Vision is a merchant that sells creative and beautiful paper goods, such as journals and greeting cards. To find these products, you can look through the menu, or, unlike most sites, look at the footer. The footer has a list of their offerings as well, allowing you to scroll all the way down and click products there instead of scrolling all the way back up.

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