With online sales going through the roof, online apparel stores may be due for a bit of a facelift. But making changes blindfolded is never wise. Here are the top eight apparel websites built on Shopify to inspire your next project.

State Forty Eight

Now, this is what an apparel Shopify website should look like! State Forty Eight is an awesome apparel company founded upon a shared love for the state of Arizona. They partner with Arizona brands to build a passionate community and lifestyle that shines through the branding. The clean landing page puts the money-making product and social pages front and center with an on-brand hero.

Deserts and dad hats? What’s not to love? Why not peek behind the scenes and see how the State Forty Eight website got made?

Steve Madden

A picture speaks a thousand words, but a picture with a call to action? That speaks a million.

Steve Madden is a Long Island-based fashion company specializing in shoes and accessories. Their sleek design and snazzy photos make customers’ jaws drop, resulting in hundreds of thousands in revenue a month. Talk about a model fashion Shopify website!

32 Degrees

This is one cool Shopify apparel website. 32 Degrees specializes in everyday winterwear (although they do sell clothing that keeps you cozy all year round). Their awesome landing page features seasonal sales, marrying incentive-based marketing, strategic coupon analytics, and straight-up beautiful design in one gorgeous package.


Marketing with a mission? Look to tentree (or is it 10🌲 ?) for ideas. For every product sold, tentree plants, well, ten trees. Their apparel is sustainable, comfy, and great for the planet, and it all shows in their down-to-earth website design and branding. With over 50 million trees planted, they must be doing something right.

Kirrin Finch

Men’s and women’s apparel are so last decade. Kirrin Finch specializes in dapper button-ups and suits designed for all sorts of female and non-binary bodies that traditional menswear just isn’t designed for. This snazzy binary-breaking apparel Shopify website looks as trendy, stylish, and forward-thinking as its clothing. It’s an ethical site with an awesome story that shines through every pixel. Seriously, more people need to see this website.

Adored Vintage

Bringing vintage low-tech styles to the modern high-tech web has got to be tricky, but Adored Vintage does it seamlessly. Their gentle beiges, warm browns, and careful font choices make customers feel like they’re strolling through a Cottagecore paradise. That’s not an easy look to pull off on the web. Adored Vintage has a strong, very particular taste that other vintage apparel Shopify sites should model.

Hiut Denim Co.

Sometimes, less is more, and Hiut Denim Co. really gets a lot done with the basics. Hiut makes jeans. That’s it. They make jeans and they do it really well. Everything from the design down to the copy has a very simplistic to-the-point feel. In a world of pizzaz, this minimalist Shopify apparel website is quite refreshing.


Stio’s website doesn’t just sell winter apparel. It sells the great outdoors. The whole site screams adventure, making it really hard for customers not to explore their brand, products, and pricing without stuffing their carts full of top-tier jackets. If outdoor apparel is your forte, give it a gander.

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