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2017 was an amazing year in design trends, specifically in mobile. 2018 looks on route to be even better, here are the design trends you need to know.

Futuristic Ornamentalism

Futuristic looks from over a decade ago are back in style. Examples include scrolling sequences of numbers, technology, robotics and pulsing lights.

Simplicity & Comfort

Minimalist designs make everything simple and clean and are perfect for multi-functional and versatile use.

Add Extra Depth

Adding extra depth to traditional flat designs with the use of shadow effects is a trend that will give objects a more round dimension. Objects on the screen that look like they are 3D are definitely a cool design trend of 2018.

100% Responsive Logos

As mobile and tablets continue to rise as the go-to’s for Internet browsing, it’s important that logos are designed to be responsive in every aspect in terms of dimension and spaces.

Custom Illustrations

When the present ease of buying all kinds of stock designs and illustrations, custom designs and illustrations are the trend so a brand can make its effort at being unique and having a more effective branding strategy.

Micro Interactions

Animated scenarios and buttons turning into something else are all micro interactions that we will see more of to improve UX in 2018.

Integrated Animation

Another design trend to improve UX in 2018 are integrated animations which guides users through navigation experiences with interactions that can occur while scrolling or hovering on an object.

Animation, GIF and Cinema-graph

Animations, GIFs, and cinema-graphs are back and better than ever and make an effective and eye-catching design trend to incorporate into your strategy.

3D Metallic & Solid Elements

The new 3D design trends are metallic and solid elements that feel so real it’ll be hard to believe they actually are on a screen.

One Color 3D Design

One color 3D design is a 3D design with a lack of contrast because of one color use. When done right, this is an awesome and smooth design trend we will see more of this year for sure.

Creative Typography

You can think of creative typography as a way to improve typography or digital graffiti. This is one of the leading design trends of 2018.

Obnoxious Bright Gradients

Obnoxious bright gradients will give designs a more colorful, modern and fresh look that will catch attention every time.

Particle Background

Particle backgrounds are the design trend and solution for grabbing the attention of viewers or visitors. Examples include a lightly moving texture or animation or bubble effects.

Color Palettes And Patterns Of The 80s-90s

Just like in fashion, 80s-90s color palettes and patterns are back and in high use.

Split Page Design

Split page design is a growing trend this year with the always increasing amount of information. A split page design help’s uncrowd pages and keep UX intact.

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