As Arizona’s first Shopify Plus Partner, Fyresite is well versed in Shopify Apps. More than that, we’re well versed in how many there are and how it can be overwhelming to find good ones. With this list, our talented team has rounded up the 9 best Shopify apps.


This cross-channel engagement app allows you to manage data and engagement in one place. With this app, email and SMS marketing offers pre-built best practice templates to help you drive lifetime value.

This app integrates with Shopify and 300+ pre-built integrations. Some of the apps that it works with include Shopify Flow, Facebook Advertising, Recharge,, Swell Rewards, Aftership, and Typeform.

Shopify Inbox

Let’s chat! With Shopify Inbox, merchants get a one-stop shop for customer communication. One of the most exciting features is the chat box. The chat box allows your customers to connect with you directly.

With a chat box that allows you to match your shop’s color and style, you can save three responses for the chat box. This includes first reply, quick reply, and instant answers.

To learn more about Shopify Inbox and its capabilities, read our blog here.

Triple Whale Analytics

Metrics are ultra-important for any Shopify merchant. With Triple Whale, all key metrics are kept on one location. With access to these metrics, you can find the data points you need for customization and personalization.

This app has multiple pricing options, ranging from free to 279/mo.

Shopify Search and Discovery

Shopify’s Search and Discovery app makes connecting customers to their ideal product a breeze.

This free Shopify app allows you to customize filters so customers can easily find their desired product, make synonym groups to match the search terms your customers use, and access analytics to understand how your search and discovery is performing.

Shopify Flow

Go with the flow. Shopify Flow. With Shopify Flow, you can customize your store and automate tasks with Shopify’s low-code editor.

With this free app, workflow automation is a breeze. This app integrates directly with Shopify Admin, allowing you to set automations for popular use cases and spend more time focusing on the nitty-gritty of your business.

ACF: Metafields Custom Fields

If there’s one thing that Fyresite loves, it’s metafields. With this app, metafield management is simplified. You can easily sort, view, filter, and edit metafields in this app that connects to the Shopify Admin.

This app offers a free plan, as well as paid plans between 4.99/mo-12.99/mo.

Avalara AvaTax

Available to Shopify Plus merchants, our favorite tax solution integrates directly with Shopify. With Avalara AvaTax, you can easily determine where you have tax obligations, make sure you stay compliant with every state, be able to collect sales tax in every jurisdiction you sell in, and help with any tax returns.

Curious on how this app can work in action? Read our blog about how it helps merchants who sell wine stay compliant!

Shopify Marketplace Connect

This app, which was released in the Shopify Editions Summer 2023 update, allows merchants to connect with multiple marketplaces. As long as you meet the individual requirements for each app and run a Shopify online store without a password, you can connect your Shopify catalog to a number of marketplaces. These marketplaces include Amazon, WalMart, eBay, and Etsy.

Psst: this is one of our favorite 2023 Shopify capabilities to get your store holiday ready!
Shopify Marketplace Connect

Shopify Audiences

Note: this app is only for Shopify Plus merchants who have Shopify Payments enabled. This app allows you to get your ads in front of your potential customers. This free app connects with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads.

To learn more about how to use Shopify Audiences to supercharge your ad game, read our blog.
Shopify Audiencess

Start Your Shopify Journey

These are only 9 of the best Shopify apps. When you connect with Fyresite, we can help find the perfect apps for your Shopify store. To start your Shopify journey today, contact us or use our affiliate link!