In 2022, Fyresite proved our technical skill and by becoming Arizona’s first Shopify Plus partner. This was great news for us – it was validation that the sites we create are high-quality, future-forward, and tailored specifically for the company. We’re not the only ones this was great news for though; it was also great for our clients. We’re not here to brag. Afterall, the numbers do all the talking for us!

The Numbers

Since we’ve become Shopify Plus partners, we’ve been able to offer even better services to our clients. While we could sit here and wax poetic about the ways we’ve helped our clients improve their sites or share reviews from satisfied clients, we’d prefer to let the cold hard facts speak for themselves.

Chassis Unlimited

This after-market truck accessory shop came to Fyresite frustrated. Specifically, frustrated with their current eCommerce platform, Magento, and its’ expensive maintenance demands.

We understood their concerns, and migrated them to Shopify Plus. After they migrated, magic happened.

Their page load speed on GTMetrix increased by 150%, increased revenue by 70%, and their bounce rate reduced by 30%.

Prodigy Games

This tight-knit trading card and board game merchant rapidly expanded, and needed a new site to accommodate their growing needs.

Once they partnered with us, they had a 103% increase in conversions, 3x increase in revenue, 6x increase in ad spend revenue, a 600% decrease in page load time, and a 400% increase of time spent on site.

Clé Tile

This leader of online tile sales wanted to leave their WordPress/Magento store and the endless maintenance that it came with. So, they contacted us, a Shopify Plus partner, to migrate them to Shopify Plus.

After migration, they reaped the benefits, including 400% faster load times on GTMetrix, 40% higher revenue, and a 95% decrease in Magento Maintenance.

Billiards was quickly moving past the capabilities of their Cartlogic backend. We migrated them over to Shopify Plus.

Once on Shopify Plus, they enjoyed 200% faster page load times, 65% increase in conversion rates, and a 30% increase in revenue.


This adult-only toy and sexual education store came to Fyresite for multiple needs. Way back in 2019, they asked us to help hone their store into a sleek, effective storefront. We did such a great job that when we suggested they migrate to Shopify Plus to help cut down on maintenance costs and improve conversions, they trusted us. And they’re so glad they did.

We seamlessly migrated their site from Magento 1.9 to Shopify Plus, crafting a brand-focused Shopify Plus design.

Once on Shopify Plus, they noticed a 150% decrease in abandoned carts, 6x increase in revenue, and a 4x increase in return customers.

Want Shopify Plus?

These are just some of the clients whose businesses have benefited from us becoming a Shopify Plus Partner. You can be the next one. Contact us today to build the Shopify Plus site of your dreams!