Case Studies: Clutch App


Native iOS & Android Application

The Future of Risk Mitigation

In 2018, Clutch Partners was looking for a full stack development firm to completely reimagine their proprietary safety, compliance, and event management application for sororities. Following an in-depth process of ideation, discovery, and development estimates – Fyresite built a cross-platform application suite to meet the unique needs of their institutional customers.

Clutch needed:

  • Clean, intuitive UI/UX design for a tech savvy audience
  • iOS and Android User Applications
  • Integrated Administrative React WebApp
  • Dynamic User-side WebApp
  • Custom AWS Backend with Enhanced Security
  • Event Ticketing with Unique Scannable Tickets
  • Automated SMS Safety Alerts
  • Configurable Design for Multiple Tenants
  • Custom Third Party API Integrations

The Problem

Considering the myriad of compliance, safety, data security, integration, and feature set requirements for the product –  it was no small matter for Clutch Partners to find the right development partner. Fyresite’s product management team spearheaded a collaborative effort to determine core features and improve the UI and technology stack for an optimal user experience.

After extensive discovery and multiple client-developer strategy sessions, we determined that the best solution for Clutch was a custom React-based user interface supported by a highly secure Amazon AWS backend.

Eight months of custom design and development later, Clutch had a fully functional custom application that is currently used to manage safe, compliant, professional (and fun!) sorority events across the country.

With an innovative “Personal Safety Alert” feature that allows members to instantly send a preprogrammed SMS distress call to 5 contacts with the push of a button – Clutch is not only a successful niche business, but also a tool for helping and protecting at-risk persons in their times of greatest need.  With the addition of chapter-wide Safety Alerts to notify all community members of emergency situations via SMS – Clutch has proven to be one of our favorite feel-good app development projects!


Using the legacy app as our baseline - we reimagined the design and functionality of Clutch to optimize user experience (UX).


Taking the time to understand high-level business needs and real-world use cases allowed Fyresite to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for an expansive niche application.


Our fully in-house Development Team meant that there was always clear communication and real collaborative effort on the Project.


Our detailed Spec Sheets defined the Scope of Work and budget down to the line item level - resulting in a successful product launch in time for the new semester.

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